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River Gate

The River Gate is the main gate for access to routes that head west, up the valley of the River Gate.

The gate is manned by 4 porters and 6 members of the city-watch

Purpose / Function

Security of the City of Gathetoken.


Statement of the Power and Riches of the City of Gathetoken.


Watchpost for the Justices District.


The gate itself is perched on the edge of the rock that forms the Justices District and is approached across a viaduct some 60m long from the neighbouring rock shelf.

The Gatehouse is constructed from Limestone with the red-Sandstone line that is the main decorative feature of the older gates. The gates are faced with Bronze and have been cast with allegorical figures from the history of the world. The Gatehouse roof sports a number of flagpoles from which fly banners of the Kingdom of Bytyr, and the City of Gathetoken. On festivals, the gate is traditionally decorated with multi-coloured bunting from the battlements as it is the exit through which many citizens head to get the the Harvest-Ground.

Parent Location
Owning Organization

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