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Corporation of Gathetoken

Gathetoken is the Chief City of the County of Abgathe. It is administered by the Warders of the Corporation of Gathetoken who meet in the Old Walls Citadel's Great Hall.



The 46 Warders are: -
* These religions have two recognised temples. The seats for each rotate between the leaders of the two institutions.
** Doesn’t usually appear at the meetings.

The Warders also have the right to send two advisors to the High-King’s court.


The High King of Bytyr appoints his one representative at whim.

The District Warders are appointed by the Cotholders of the District - excluding the Religious Institutions. The quaint election process makes their various appointments a major event in the city.

The Religious and Guild Warders are seats granted to the holder of the High-Priest, Priest or Guildmaster roles of the recognised institutions. The appointment of people to these roles are each unique in nature.

The control of the city is a process that is decided by the control of the 46 Warders. Getting the "Right" person elected is a process that is fraught with family and district rivalries, religious controversies and power politics.

Accepted Religion

The Swimmers with the River Gathe were one of the key participants in the creation of the Foundation Charter for the Corporation of Gathetoken.

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