Forjorn or the Forjorni Isles is a far northern island group, above the continent of Kalord. The tip of the Forjorni Isles are the most northernly location on Macalgra. They were relatively uninhabited for most of their history, known for their cold climate and inhospitable winter. Today, they are under the sovereignty of the Tribe of Forjorn.


Forjorn is a small group of half a dozen volcanic islands. They are, according to some myths, said to be the location of The Blood Fire's grave. Formed when Raya, divine of volcanoes, rose the earth up over the burial ground of the artifact.   Forjorn's largest island is Saaru, and most of the human population lives there. Its other half a dozen islands range in size from a few kilometers to a few hundred meters. A volcanic caldera occupies the center of Saaru, which is several hundred kilometers wide. The fertile base of this volcano's slopes holds most of the fauna, flora and settlements on the chain.   Hot springs can be found in various places on Saaru, and geysers are present on some of the smaller islands.

Fauna & Flora

Small rock birds, migratory sea life, and the indigenous Karu - a type of small herbivorous mammal, endemic to the island chain - make up much of the local flora. Due to the harsh winters, many species simply cannot survive all year round. Many of the island's birds migrate further south when the snows descend. The local flora does not have this option, so it tends to be highly seasonal. Hardy plants that can regrow in the warm season are widely spread on the island. There are few trees and larger plants, as they struggle in the strong winds and blizzards. Only hardy, low-lying trees grow in some of the warmest parts of the island.

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