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Nomad encampment outside Udyn

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This is a Kochmak tent city outside the walls of Udyn. Perhaps not a typical location for a summer camp so far away from the Steppe, it is likely used as a launching pad for slaving raids. The inhabitants seem to form a clan, albeit one fairly open to recruiting new members.   The encampment contains several hundred felt yurts and multiple livestock enclosures. It is guarded by riders along its perimeter. Black and yellow tclan banners (depicting runic signs, or perhaps heraldic beasts in schematized form) hang from posts planted at the center of the camp. The yurts themselves are large and comfortable, with carpets and cushions lining each one. A fire is laid out in the middle of the yurt, and a smokehole at the center allows the smoke to escape.   The ruler of the clan is Sholpan Bey. His large yurt stands at the center, near the clan banners.
Military, Camp
Roughly 300 yurts

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