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Nygmet is a Kochmak aksakal - a white-bearded elder. He received the companions in his yurt after they had arrived to learn the fate of the captives taken from the village of Vladykino by members of Nygmet's clan. Nygmet offered them soup, and then a game of chance to determine which of the two parties would learn desired information about the other first. As the result of the knucklebones game was a draw, Nygmet offered the companions a shooting contest instead, but then agreed that it should be a wrestling match. He subsequently brought in Zhudyz Sholpankyz, the daughter of the clan's bey, to take over the negotiations, partly because she was proficient in the Noriki tongue.   He later appears during Augusta de Urbino's visit to the camp, where he voices anti-Norik attitudes to the visitor.   Nygmet is presumably still located at the Kochmak encampment outside of Udyn.   He appears in Chapters 10 and 16.

Current Location
Nomad encampment outside Udyn

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