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Zhuldyz Sholpankyz

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Zhuldyz is the daughter of Sholpan Bey, the leader of the clan camped outside the walls of Udyn. The same clan, or at least part of it, was also involved in the raid on Vladykino.   Zhuldyz is a well-dressed Kochmak of proud bearing, and likely possesses some martial ability. She is attractive, and has a two black braids.   Zhuldyz was called in to converse with the companions inside Nygmet's yurt after they came to inquire about the fate of the captives. The companions had played a game of chance with Nygmet to see who would divulge secrets to the other party first. The game was inconclusive, and Zhuldyz then came in to propose an archery contest as the tie-breaker. Anatoly proposed a wrestling match instead, so Zhuldyz called in Aibek, a wrestling champion. Anatoly defeated Aibek, so Zhuldyz repaid the debt by telling the party that the raid was organized and paid for by a lord named Yuqub, who lives on the other side of the Udena River. It is to Yaqub that the young women taken on the raid were transported. She then asked the companions to tell her who they were, what they intended, and who was supporting them.   Zhuldyz was impressed with Anatoly's performance, and made suggestive remarks to him, inviting him to return, or to join the clan. When he did so the following day, she acted much cooler, though she did invite him back.   Zhuldyz later appears when Augusta de Urbino paid an official visit to the encampment. Zhuldyz tried to get Augusta to pace herself drinking, and to teach her a bit about drinking etiquette. The following day, she intervened during the botched execution of Anatoly (after he had knocked out Aibek), and ordered the rooster inside her tent so she could deal with him herself. She was followed in by Augusta, who was then solicited by Anatoly to give him confession and last rites. Zhuldyz gave them the yurt for this ceremony, but upon its conclusion, she walked in with sword drawn, and asked Augusta to leave, because she should not see what would happen next. She also advised Augusta to return to the city, and to keep the confession secret.   Zhuldyz is still presumably at the encampment.   She appears in Chapters 10 and 16.

Current Location
Nomad encampment outside Udyn
Long, raven-black hair weaved into braids

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