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Aibek is a leading wrestler of the Kochmak clan camped outside of Udyn. He is a young, muscular Kochmak with a mustache and bald head. He was brought in by Zhuldyz Sholpankyz to engage in a wrestling match against a champion of the companions to determine which party would learn desired information about the other first. The match was solicited by Anatoly Frolyn, who soundly and quickly defeated Aibek by throwing him over his head, despite his apparent reputation.   Aibek later appeared again when Augusta de Urbino visits the nomad encampment. He was introduced as the clan's champion wrestler during the welcoming ceremony. He was later charged with executing Anatoly, who was captured by the nomads for disobeying the vizier. Anatoly turned into a rooster and tore the pole he was chained to out of the ground. He then used the pole to strike Aibek, and knock him out.   It is not clear whether Aibek is still alive or not. If he is, he likely remains at the nomad encampment.   He appears in Chapters 10 and 16.

Current Location
Nomad encampment outside Udyn

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