Folk Stories of Grara, Volume I

Takalia's lesser-known work.

In these pages you will find a great variety of stories. People will encounter the tricky neighbors - the fae - and they will lose. Some will survive and others yet will succeed.   My greatest suggestion to you is that you do not go into this volume searching for the truth because that is not what this ink contains. Between these covers you will find insights into the people of Grara, why they do what they do, why celebrations are when they are, how they think, and more. The truth of the stories does not matter because these people live their own truth.
— Vacancia, Folk Stories of Grara, Vol. I, Foreword

Gathering the Tales

When Takalia set out to learn about his homeland he learned many things - heard many things. He investigated every claim of strange events that was told to him but only after he came to understand what the people he was talking to thought about the strange happenings.   The traditions, knowledge, and ways of life ended up in his first - and far more popular - book, Travels in Grara. While the stories and myths eventually found their way into this work.

Publishing Another Book

While Takalia was not the first author and will not be the last, he was the first person to have his book printed and widely published by the power of the printing press thanks to his friendship with Vacancia - the creator of the device.   After Travels in Grara became an outstanding success and they were able to increase the capacity for printing, Takalia took to writing a book using the parts of his notes previously ignored. In the spring of 60 EX, the first - and only - batch of Folk Stories of Grara was printed with the subtitle Volume I.

Volume One of One

The first printing of Folk Stories of Grara did not move in numbers as high as Takalia and Vacancia expected and they were stuck with many extra copies.   While they were good friends, Vacancia could not print any book she wanted for no profit. Ink was - and still is - expensive and competent and quick people trained to use the delicate press demanded a high but fair compensation.   With the copies gathering dust in a storehouse, the first book also became the last book in the series.

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A Good Friend

Takalia met her while he was studying at Jamaira and they became good friends, even while he was off traveling Grara.
Vacancia Telluruun-Thribe
Character | Aug 26, 2023

Inventor of the printing press.

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