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Welcome to L.A.M.P.

The empty, barren void is lifeless, aside from giant moths. L.A.M.P., or Large Arse Moth Plane, is a fantasy setting where giant civilisations have formed on the backs of the largest creatures imaginable; giant moths. Humanity is forever waging wars against each other, using their fluffy, dust-covered vehicles to annihilate their enemies.
— Unknown

What is L.A.M.P.?

L.A.M.P. is unlike anything you'll ever come across. In one of the strangest universes designed in the Writer's Dimension, L.A.M.P. is a world of nothingness. A void stretches for eternity, the inky blackness enveloping anything and everything. In this void lives countless moths of extreme sizes. These moths are home to civilisations of humans, all surviving by building their heavily armed settlements hidden in the furry coats of their winged insect vehicles, constantly at conflict with others of their kind. These are the only creatures to live in this void.


Humans are considered the rulers of L.A.M.P. despite their reliance on moths for their survival. Humans live on the backs of these giant moths, forming giant, sprawling civilisations on the insects. Humanity is constantly at war with each other, and their advances in science and technology are more concerned with military equipment over everything else.

The longer humans live, the perpetually angrier they get. Nobody knows what causes their emotions, but their ruthless attitudes have caused the downfall of countless cities and other human settlements aboard their moths. Anything humans discover in space; stars, celestial objects, moths, they will use it to further advance their civilisation and destroy others.


The countless moth species are the largest creatures you'll find in L.A.M.P., fluttering around the empty void, scooping up stardust with their probosci as they congregate around the seldom stars. These moths come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from just a few hundred feet wingspan to wingspans in the parsecs.

The fluffy coats of moths provide safe havens for humans. The dust that the moths produce protect these vulnerable creatures from radiation, turbulence, space debris, among others. Human settlements can be found nestled within these coats, built from magical stores of manipulative energy that can be processed into any material in the universe.

Sir, they're approaching real fast. We must retreat!
No, we cannot retreat. If we retreat, we become a laughingstock. I cannot let that happen. Now. FIRE!
— Conflict between two human settlements

Writer's Dimension

Writer's Dimension
This world is one of the infinite settings designed by those that inhabit the Writer's Dimension. This afterlife is my ultimate setting, that encompasses every other world that I will ever create, including the Yonderverse which you may be familiar with.
Wow, I've never seen that moth before! Is it a new species?
Let's kill it.
— A conversation between to patrol guards


With humans, conflicts are frequent, messy, and devastating. These particular conflicts occur between rivalling settlements on opposing moths.

When one side wins a conflict, they will loot the entirety of the other civilisation's ruins. If the side with a smaller moth wins, they will migrate to the other, claiming it as their own.

Five Biggest Cities


Bellarna is one of the few cities to somewhat prioritise architecture. Bellarna doesn't often uncover the magical manipulative energy stores, but when they do they put it to good use. They've managed to "hack" the system of the universe, and have found a way to duplicate every single material and item they have stored in their city's treasure horde, including highly advanced military weapons and defences.

Atlas City

Atlas City is most famous for its ability to turn up at any location at any time. Many have theorised how they do it, as portal magic is incredibly unreliable and it is impossible for moths to move at such high speeds as they apparently do. Plus, if their moth did move that fast, the city would've fallen off into the bottomless void by now.

Fort Lapis

Fort Lapis is by far the most difficult city to penetrate. Its bright blue architecture makes it stand out amongst the crowd of grey cities, and if spotted, other settlements will immediately veer away. Nobody bothers to attack Fort Lapis, and they are well aware of it, granting them the ability to cruise through the void without a care. Fort Lapis rarely attacks other cities, but when it does the battle is over quick.


Also known as the Factory City, Mitendon has discovered how to magically manufacture stardust. Moths feed solely on stardust, and a lack of which greatly slows them down, so the city is able to fuel their moth and send it flying through the void at great speeds, destroying other cities in its path.


Most of the inhabitants of Illonuit couldn't care less about fighting other cities; they just want to party all night. And when their moth is deep in the void, it's night all the time. Besides, who wouldn't want to party when you are the only city in the universe with access to neon strobe lights and fireworks?


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Jan 6, 2023 09:17

I really love the mix of out-there-fantasy and realistic concerns - from giant moths in space to radiation and space debris. It's such a fun thing, and I am a huge fan of weird settings like this.   If I had a question, it'd be about the other space critters. What else is out there that affects the big picture of the setting? Are there common parasites, or celestial predators? :O

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
Jan 6, 2023 09:44 by Mochi

I'm glad you like the setting! It's certainly more unique and interesting than the Yonderverse xD There are definitely more space critters out there - you think I could limit myself to just moths? there will be many space creatures floating about, big and small, both preyed on by humans and preys on humans :D

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