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The Prydwen

No ship has ever matched the beauty or grace of the Prydwen, the legendary flagship of Aerlion, traditionally captained by its High Prince and manned by his teulu. She was a beauty, she was, built by the Sea-King's Court of Fae and the Mariner's Guild, with the Court providing enchantment, Fae metals, and sails, while the Guild provided only the finest lumber and iron. Twenty years they constructed it, half a lifetime for the mortal builders, but hardly more than a day in the eyes of the Fae. When it was completed and they came to bring their gift, the High Prince awaited at the harbor, expecting this ship to come sailing around the bay.   Much to his surprise, however, the Sea-King arrived with a willow basket, in which lay a tiny model of the ship, one that could easily fit atop a normal sized man's pack. Confused, the High Prince questioned the Sea-King, who, with a laugh, placed the boat in the harbor, spoke softly, and the ship grew to full size, fully prepared for a voyage.   After the initial test run, the Sea-King taught the High-Prince the secret words that were needed to shrink the boat down to its small size, and the words necessary return it to full size. So these secrets have been passed on for generations until at last, it was inherited by High Prince Ineirin.   As a royal craft, it is luxuriously decorated, but it still remains a warship, and while it is beautiful, its comforts are sparse and no more than the average warship of Aerlion. However, the sleekness and elegance of its lines make up for the average comfort levels that it possesses.


  • 45 rowing benches per side
  • 1 mast in the center of the hull with a leather sail

Weapons & Armament

Both the stern and the prow of the ship are coated in thin sheets of bronze, allowing them to serve as rams against enemy ships, nearly all of which are smaller and cannot match the speed, giving it a significant advantage when it comes to naval engagements.   However, its primary weapon is the warband that it carries upon the deck, composed primarily of the personal bodyguard and warband of the prince or king that commands it. They are the elite warriors of the army and are more than a match for nearly any other foe they might come across. Rowers are also armed with short swords, axes, and javelins, while the ship also carries a small detachment of bowmen.

Armor and defense

The entire hull is coated in a thin sheet of some metal alloy that humans cannot make and do not know the name of, as the ship was built as a gift for the King of Aerlion by the Mariner's Guild of Aerlion and the Court of the Ocean Lord, whose daughter is said to have married the first king of Aerlion. This metal is remarkably light and strong, capable of absorbing the impact of most blows from ships attempting to ram it.   Additionally, the ship carries extra shields for its warriors, which can be locked along the top of the hull, adding an additional barrier against boarders and incoming arrows.

Communication Tools & Systems

The sailors of Aerlion use a sophisticated system of drumming to communicate to the rowers, who are all freemen, and flags to communicate between different ships. As such, the Prydwen is equipped with a silver drum covered with cowhide and a selection of banners that it can use to communicate with the fleet that it commands.
Much later on in the history of Laeonesse, the ship will be found on the Templed Isle, where the Book of the Sun is held and it shall be gifted to the newly crowned High King Yrthur, who unites the isles of Laeonesse once more and establishes a golden age.
Used by
Dragon of the Sea
Thousands of pounds of gold
27 feet
140 feet
58 feet with raised mast (8 feet with lowered mast)
4 tons when unfolded
Maximum: 20 knots
Complement / Crew
90 rowers with room for 70 additional warriors for a total complement of 160
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
80 passengers, supplies for seven weeks


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Jul 19, 2018 17:29

I like the unique twists that you gave to this rather ordinary ship: The size-enchantment and the special metal alloy. I would have liked another line-break in the Weapons-paragraph, though, since there are 2 clearly distinct sections.

Jul 19, 2018 19:04 by Kaleb Kramer

Appreciate it! I ran across something somewhere that Arthur's ship, or perhaps it was Odin's ship, could be folded up and carried in a pouch, so I wanted to borrow from that. And the metal alloy just adds something that I can use to make it more special and use for a different entry for Summer Camp. Added the line break and thanks for reading!

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Considering that music piece, does this ship exist either in reality or existing myth?   Great piece!

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Thanks! And yes! It does! It is referred to in Welsh myth, specifically the tale of Culwch, that the Prydwen is the ship that King Arthur uses to sail to the Celtic Other World. Later on in the history of Laeonesse, it takes on more Welsh-Arthurian overtones and this ship begins laying the foundation for that. Thanks!

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