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The Ebawecci are a Ditincian people who originally settled at the eastern extend of the Avcabun Sea, at the mouth of the Ettomep River. Their range has expanded southward to the Khi River, westward to the mouth of the Paccuvu and inland to the Ugha. The currently primarily reside along and to the west of the Ettomep River in the Principality of Ritilia, though they are the dominant and ruling ethnicity of the entire Principality.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

As is usual with names in the Calpian language, there are not distictively masculine or feminine given names among the Ebawecci. Males' names end in -us, while female names end in -a.

Family names

The Ebawecci do not recognize the denoba. Additionally, only the aristocratic classes use an ibabiwivum. The vast majority of Ebawecci either have no family name, or their family name is a trade name (ex. "Eiccalcenet" for a family of weavers), a patronymic, reflecting descent from a notable ancestor ("ex. "Doledap" for descendants of Doled), or a habitational name indicating the place where the family lives or originated (ex. "Osguvonus" for a family that originated in the meadow.

Of note, while given names follow the usual rules for gender affixes at the end of the name, the family names and labes add no affix. Note the examples "Eiccalcenet" and "Doledap," above ("Osguvonus" would seem to be an exception to this rule, but it is not - the translation for "meadow" is a masculine noun, hence the -us ending).


Major language groups and dialects

The Ebawecci speak Calpian.

Shared customary codes and values

Rural Ebawecci are druidic and tend not to venerate gods, but rather nature, itself. Urban Ebawecci revere the following gods (Calpian names in parentheses):

  • Sexuality and Eroticism: Wearnch (Uveiarnica)
  • Brotherhood: Proim (Provimius)
  • The Sky: Strubed (Strubius)
  • The Sun: Strone (Stronus)
  • The Moon and Night Sky: Wists (Uvistum)
  • Storms: Kearsped (Quiaspa)
  • Thunder and War: Ulsofyoi (Ulsopia)
  • The Seasons: Seled (Seleda)
  • Fertility: Fermed (Bermedicus)
  • The Sea: Threlved (Tirelva)
  • Death: Rigilists (Rigelia)

Art & Architecture


The Ebawecci build exclusively in stone. They use sandstone for common buildings, and they import basalt for buildings of importance. Their homes are usually two stories and feature a cellar. Commercial buildings tend to be three stories or more, with the shopkeepers or tradesfolk living in homes above their shops. Temples and government buildings are grand affairs in grey stone, which gives them a solemn appearance. They may be multistory or single story, but are always taller than the surrounding homes and businesses, regardless. Roofs are wood plank for the less affluent and clay tile among the wealthy.

Common structures feature simple post and lintel construction. Grander structures feature impressive colonnades around one or more sides of the building. Roofs are always peaked.


The Ebawecci have a vibrant artistic life centered around stonework. Traditional, free standing sculpture is common and refined. Additionally, bas relief carvings are common in both basalt and sandstone, and nearly every family has some piece of carved stone artwork, large or small, on display in their home, even the poorest.

Themes include stylized dragons and sea monsters, as well as geometric designs of all types, including knotwork.


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