The Cultecci are a Ditincian people who settled on the Artia Strand, along the shores of the Avcabun Sea.


Major language groups and dialects

The Cultecci speak standard Calpian

Shared customary codes and values

The Cultecci worship the following gods (Calpian names in parentheses):

  • War: Ulsofyoi (Ulsopia)
  • Brotherhood: Proim (Provimius)
  • Commerce: Kisquay (Cisquia)
  • Music: Serens (Serenus)
  • The Sky: Strubed (Strubius)
  • The Seasons: Seled (Seleda)
  • The Sea: Threlved (Tirelva)
  • Love: Kibla (Cibla)
  • The Afterlife: Urchedavran (Iurxedavrus)

Art & Architecture

The Cultecci are renouned for their woodcarving and scrimshaw. Themes of their carvings usually involve stories or scenes from the sea.

Foods & Cuisine

The Cultecci eat a fish and vegetables diet. In particular, they rely heavily on the intresigus fish, a large salt-water fish that lives in large numbers in the waters of the Avcabun Sea.

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