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Ioth'Darsshehad is a feudal society, with the Aurimaekrix nominally owning all of the land in the empire. Acting as a tennanted aristocracy, lesser dragons own their own fiefdoms and manage the land for their Aurimaekrix. In practice, this means Shelor is home to hundreds of petty kingdoms, duchies, and princedoms, each ruled by a dragon and broken up into counties, baronies, and peerages. Young dragons gain small territories either by serving their elders or by seizing it from the enemy.


The culture of Ioth'Darsshehad is aristocratic, hierarchical, and tends towards bureaucracy. Very little occurs rapidly, and it is generally considered better to ask permission than forgiveness. The young serve their elders, and they are expected to not ask too many questions.

Public Agenda

The Ioth'Darsshehad exists for one purpose: to destroy the Chromatic Dragons and claim Kobos for Bahamut


Ioth'Darsshehad represents the largest ammassing of wealth on Kobos by any entity or polity. The treasure of these hoards is nearly unimaginable.

Demography and Population

The kingdoms that make up the holdings of the Ioth'Darsshehad are populated by Scalykind, Elvenkind, and Humans. These lesser races are tied to the land as serfs, exploiting its resources for the draconic aristocracy. These populations are stratified, with the Scalykind forming an upper class over the others.


The dragons make up the knighthood and aristocratic warrior class, with Men-at-Arms and general soldiery coming from the non-dragon populations. Each dragon is expected to bring a quota of soldiery to battle if called, and they equip them and see to their training out of their own hoards.


The only legal religion in the territory is the Worship of Bahamut.

Agriculture & Industry

Every planting season, the Taoul di Inglataic sends out supplies and quotas to all of the feudal lords. They are expected to send the quota to the palace, and are free to do with the rest what they will. These quotas are passed down, so that eventually each citizen knows their obligation.

Wisdom, Honor, Supremacy

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Holy Draconic Empire
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations


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