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"Formerly known as 'slithertongue', it acquired its new name after the dragons supplanted the Saurians as the god-kings of the Scalykind. Personally, I don't like the language. For a whole week after a full conversation, I still have trouble shaking the lisp."   ~Grandmaster Jeren, of the Golden Tower

Writing System


Draconic is a language of hard consonants and sibilants that usually sound like hissing when spoken, like sj, ss, and sv. It also includes a sound similar to a creature clearing its throat, ach.   Draconic words are emphasized on the first syllable, and speakers of Draconic express important ideas by stressing the beginnings and the ends of words. Dragons often use this when referring to themselves, or when they want to command, warn, threaten, or otherwise make their point clear.   Words that modify other words are placed before or after the word they modify, with the most important modifier always placed before. Draconic speakers often place it a second time directly after the word for additional emphasis. Draconic has no specific word for “my” or “mine,” instead using several prefixes that depend on the exact meaning.


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