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Udynean Imperial Palace Complex

Known as the seat of oppression for centuries before Udynean forces claimed it, the Imperial Palace Complex has weathered many sieges and assaults.


The complex is 72 hectares and officially divided into three sections, with the centre one being disproportionally larger than the rest. Because of its size, many large buildings house stabling to hasten officials in getting from one section to the other. Guard towers dot the space between.  

The Public Courtyard

This is the section that the main gates directly open into. The space is vast and holds little most days. The Council Hall, which also holds the Throne Room, is situated in the middle. Two closed gates sit on the walls to either side as well as the far wall on the other side of the Council Hall, this final gate is far more opulent and leads into the Imperial Sector.  

The Inner Grounds

This is by far the largest and is typically divided further based on the closest buildings. There are several points of interest within the grounds...   Barracks and Training Arena Situated to the right of the main gate, this is where the palace guards reside when not on duty. Accommodation runs along the base of the outer wall for three levels, the lower also containing cells, offices, stables and a central eating area. The training arena and open paddocks take up much of the space here, one designed to hone the skill of people and horses alike, whilst the other is set aside for grazing. The entire section leading further from the main gate is overtaken with housing for servants and slaves.   Infirmary This is the central building where anyone working within the Palace Complex can have their ailments reversed or managed by the residing healers. Like many such buildings, it has a quarantine wing as well as several beds for those requiring an extended stay.   Palace Library and Academic Vault Whilst not the city's largest library, that honour goes to the academy, it does boast being the home to the rarest texts and the most comprehensive collection of noble bloodlines and their secrets. Underground, there are multiple static chambers keeping the more delicate texts in the utmost best conditions magic can manage.   Palace Gardens Whilst this is technically part of the Inner Grounds as it is accessible to all within the imperial grounds, many consider it as a separate entity. Officially called the Tranquil Gardens to not confuse it with the Imperial Gardens, it immediately invites people who take the left inner wall gate. It contains a moderate-size pond, an aviary, a large hedge maze, and accommodations for the rest of the vlos Mhanek's menagerie, which includes a large tortoise from the Independant Isles.   Guest Palace This building is the third tallest within the complex, the second and first being within the Imperial Grounds. This is reserved for visiting nobility and ambassadors. Those serving here are typically hired rather than imperial slaves. As of 1902, it is under major renovation after an earthquake, caused by Darshan vris Mhanek's magic, made the structure unsound.   The Docks There are two such places, one on either side of the outer wall. The biggest is designed to accept dignitaries and supplies, whilst the other is far smaller and more used by servants to visit the rest of the city by way of boat.  

The Imperial Grounds

This is the sector with the highest security and a reputation of having never fallen. The gates are always shut and those who enter are thoroughly searched by the Nulled Ones standing guard. The area contains two buildings, the Imperial Palace and the Princess Palace. Between them lies the Imperial Gardens, the centre of which is a large pool with four bridges connecting beneath a pergola.   Traditionally, the Imperial Palace had no stables, with mounts being brought to the front from the guardhouse. Hefty renovation after the vris Mhanek's marriage saw accommodations made to house his husband's beloved horse.   The Princess Palace was originally designed as a place for the Domian Emperor to house his concubines and children. This changed during the third century of Udynean occupation and has instead become a place for adult children to stay with their families instead of the household being relegated to the Guest Palace.
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1045 HC
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