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Lapiscor is a lesser-known stone than the far more volatile infitialis metal, yet can be found in areas where magic is in regular use.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Where infitialis will become unstable if exposed to too much magic, lapiscor will only grow stronger. This does mean that it cannot be manipulated by direct magic and instead requires manual labour, as well as special tempered metal tools, to work into blocks. It also gives the areas built from the material little to fear as even time itself appears to have little effect on structures that are several millennia old.

Geology & Geography

It's commonly found in mountainous areas throughout the continent. Due to its weight and the fact it cannot be directly influenced by magic, many older structures were created near such areas if not directly on top of the quarries.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Despite its ability to absorb large quantities of magic without damage, its rarity means the most common modern usage of lapiscor is in the creation of rooms or small sections of a building, typically to house young spellsters who are still learning to manage their magic.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Many ancient structures, such as the outer walls of the Udynean Imperial Palace Complex, the entirety of Demarn's Spellster Tower and several Tirglasian cloisters are built completely from the stone. The latter two made them fitting buildings to house multiple spellsters, whilst the walls surrounding the Imperial Palace have made full-frontal assaults practically impossible.

Reusability & Recycling

Because it is rare nowadays to encounter more than a small pocket of stone, abandoned structures are often torn apart and the slabs are repurposed. This takes a great deal of effort as lapiscor that has been exposed to the elements is far harder than the freshly quarried variety.
Rock, Igneous
Grey with mottled patches of white
Melting / Freezing Point
1260 °C
2.75 g/cm3
Common State


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Jan 5, 2024 05:26

Simply because you have one listed I'm curious, would melting a stone of Lapiscor and then letting it re-harden "reset" its magical absorption and hardness? Is that perhaps a way to make magical batteries. It is right around the melting point of steel, so I was just wondering. There is also a chance that once it is melted it loses all properties.   A very interesting article. good job.

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Jan 6, 2024 21:54 by Aldrea Alien

Unless allowed to cool and settle for thousands of years in the same environment that made it, melting lapiscor would make it a different kind of stone and nullify its properties. Not sure what you mean by magical batteries.