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The echoes of this ancient culture can be felt all over the continent, not only in terms of their massive buildings, irreplicable artefacts and the many unopened Preservation Domes scattered around the world. Domian was, first and foremost, the head of the human invasion. Whilst other nations attempted to peacefully settle where their ships docked, the Domian's first move when approached by the native dwarves in the area was to eradicate or enslave every single member of the clan.


Major language groups and dialects

Despite the nation being gone for centuries, the Domian tongue is still spoken, albeit as a secondary language amongst the Udynean nobility.

Shared customary codes and values

Domian society prided itself on its magic, with many folks seeing their civilisation as the pinnacle of power. And, for a while, that was true. Many of the biological studies used today in Udynea, Tirglas and even the Demarn Spellster Tower owe their knowledge to the ancient nation's stringent recording. Although, this knowledge came at the cost of many lives as, not only did Domian destroy dwarven lands, but they also ran roughshod over every other human nation in their path.   When the abilities of the hedgewitches were uncovered, Domian took it as a personal affront to their command over the natural laws and set about trying to figure out how to harness the dwarven ability for themselves. This led to raids on dwarven clans to commit multiple atrocities, including kidnapping and the forceful breeding of both men and women with Domian folk in the futile attempt to create hybrids with both hedgewitch power and spellster magic. Eventually, when their efforts proved futile, their raids turned to assuring the complete annihilation of the ability from within the dwarven people. In this endeavour, they were far more successful.

Average technological level

Much of Domian's technological advancements are beyond even the best of today's scholars, this can be attributed to the fact Domian held little regard for ethics or morals when it came to research.   Although they'd many technologies that are still used today, such as the Singing Crystals, the most well-known advancement is the infitialis collars as it was through them that the original blueprint used today was created. They were simple chains of metal used, at first, to control their slaves, then to shame their enemies. This would lead to their downfall as, when the Udynean forces began their assault, the Domian Empire had precious few unleashed spellsters to retaliate with.

Offer mercy to the wounded, it confuses the enemy.

- Domian motto that survives today


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