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Meetha Nivaala

Originally a Domian confection, these sweet jelly-like morsels are a popular treat throughout southern Udynea where they are largely served in bite-sized cubes alongside cups of kofe. Soft but slightly chewy in texture, the common flavours of rosewater or vanilla often leave the confection with a far more fragrant appeal than any distinctive taste beyond the sweetness of the sugar dust they're rolled in.

Manufacturing process

Once made with honey as the sweet point, sugar mills allowed for a finer grinding of the canes and became a preferred substitute in kofe houses.   The honey or finely ground sugar, lemon juice and water are heated together until the sugar dissolves, then arrowroot powder and cold water are added into the heated mixture and whisked into a syrup. The desired flavour is added once taken off the heat.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
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