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Guardian Angels

Basic Information


Like most angels, guardian angels appear most commonly as mortal humans in order to most easily move among mortals. This is because, as angels, they do not have a true form that can be easily understood by mortals and therefore must take on a form in order to safely interact with them.

Genetics and Reproduction

As angels, guardian angels cannot reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

Guardian angels thrive wherever the mortal whose soul they are linked to happens to be. That is the sole factor in their ability to live and thrive on Earth, as they get all the energy they need from the food they eat and sleep.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Guardians angels maintain the energy required to exist on Earth by consuming food and sleeping.

Biological Cycle

The cycle of relationships for guardian angels and the mortals they are connected to is controlled entirely by the mortal's life. Despite popular imagery, guardian angels do not protect children, because they were created by God as an experiment in sexual monogamy. Instead, guardian angels connect with their mortals when the mortal reaches an age where they subconsciously summon their guardian. This may be done through longing for a soulmate or spouse. The guardian feels the summons and returns to Earth to find their mortal. Due to the connection the guardian has with the mortal, they are able to determine the form their mortal would most desire them to have in that life.

The mortal does not typically remember their past lives with their guardian, but there is always a feeling of recognition. The guardian remains close until the time is right to disclose the truth. The mortal typically accepts it easily, due to the lifetimes of connections between them. They then proceed to spend the mortal's lifetime together. When the mortal dies of old age - never an accident thanks to the guardian - the mortal soul moves on to its next body and the guardian leaves Earth to rest until the mortal is of age in their next life. All guardians are Fallen angels, due to their love of their mortals, who they always love more than God, and therefore spend this period of rest in Hell.


Guardian angels devote themselves entirely to their mortals, and often escort them wherever they go. They are the only angels with the ability to become invisible in order to achieve this. The mortal knows the guardian is there, but other mortals will not notice its presence. Guardians and their mortals can be separated for some time, but not for extended periods without causing both of them emotional anguish. For the mortal there may also be physical anguish, as well, if this separation is too long or by too great a distance.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Guardian angels are tied irreversibly to a mortal soul and can find that person no matter where they are on Earth in order to protect and care for them.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

When returning to Earth to find their mortal, guardian angels choose whatever name seems to suite the form they have taken on. Sometimes they use the same name for multiple lifetimes.

Beauty Ideals

Guardian angels use their connection to their mortal to take on the form their mortal will most desire.

Gender Ideals

When choosing a form their mortal will most desire, guardian angels also choose the gender they know will most appeal to their mortal in that lifetime.

Courtship Ideals

In the establishment of their relationship, the mortal and their guardian simply get to know each other again after reconnecting. The guardian is able to learn what the mortal is like in this lifetime, as in each lifetime they differ slightly in desires, hopes, aspirations, gender, sexuality, and sometimes personality. Once they have learned about each other, the guardian reveals the truth to the mortal. The mortal typically accepts the truth relatively easily, due to the many lifetimes of connection between them being felt in the soul.

Relationship Ideals

After the establishment of the relationship, the guardian angel never leaves the mortal's side except for short periods of time. Many guardian angels and their mortals have learned how to turn this into as healthy a relationship as they are able to with the limitations they can't control, mainly the emotional and mental (for the mortal) suffering they endure when apart for too long. Others turn the connection into obsession and have relatively unhealthy relationships filled with jealousy. This may be due to mortals being paired with angels they were not truly compatible with to start, as each angel and each mortal soul is completely unique.


Like many of God's creations, guardian angels were created from the choir of angels as an experiment. No one knows the exact purpose of the experiment, but it's speculated by the guardian angels themselves that it was to do with sexual monogamy. It is believed that God first attempted to bind mortal souls with angels to see what might happen. Only a small number of angels were bound to mortals, as God quickly realized that they would forever choose the love of these mortals over God itself. Though the guardian angels were then cast out of Heaven among the Fallen, the link with their mortals could not be severed, resulting in them being enternally bound to these mortal souls.

Common Myths and Legends

No artistic renditions of guardian angels, nor any myths, accurately depict guardian angels and their mortals. Those with connections to guardian angels have tried to correct this, but to no avail. Many don't wish to believe guardian angels are actually sexual partners for the mortals they protect.

"Guardian Angel" by Pietro da Cortona, 1656
Scientific Name
Angels (choir)


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