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News from the Northern Arm

This article summarizes the current news that is going around many inns, marketplaces and town squares of the Northern Arm Arm and that can perhaps be bought from newsmen working for The Traveling Word. Of course, it may be that news from the Southern Arm is also reaching the ears of northerners. See: News from the Southern Arm for current events on that subcontinent.   Current year: The Year of Brothers
Full date: 904-4-8  

Kingdom of Laeryll

The below table lists the news from the Kingdom of Laeryll, including the date of the event. Note that some news may not be well-known among the general populace, or may even be kept actively secret. It is possible to roll for random news using the roll column.  
Date number (y/m/d) Date name Event News value Roll 1d10
903-10-6 Dorges 6 Olyxx III has declared war against the Labarean Empire Important and well-known (5 cp) 1
903-10-7 Dorges 7 A warrant was put out for an elite member of Prydisyrr society. He is said to have fled the city. Sensational rumor (1 sp) 2
904-1-32 Jandar 32 The Laeryllian ban on trading elven coinage with foreigners has been lifted. The Crown will mint new Laeryllian currency, which will be legal tender across the kingdom. Important, not broadly known (1 sp) 3
904-1-32 Jandar 32 In light of the Declaration of War Against the Labarean Empire by the Kingdom of Laeryll, the export of food, weapons and ores from the Kingdom is no longer allowed and will be punishable as treason. This includes selling to foreigners coming to Laeryllian markets. Important, not broadly known (1 sp) 4
904-2-12 Folkanar 12 The wood elf tribes in Northern Silimanis have been mobilized. Dathyll has sent troops into Pothael and Laedor Thilis and is raising (magical) fortifications along the northern part of the river Potholt Important, rumor (5 gp) 5
904-3-23 Priar 23 The commune Yhahivit was destroyed as a consequence of a gnoll infestation in southeastern Qosid. Local importance, sketchy details (1 sp) 6


News from Zhai does not travel easily, but newsmen like Melchior the Mouth are doing their best to connect the enormous magic peninsula to the rest of the Northern Arm.  
Date number (y/m/d) Date name Event News value Roll 1d10
904-3-20 Priar 20 A conflict between Clan Kandarin and the Labarean Empire erupted after the execution of Nekeir Gilraeth, manager of the Kandarin Vault in Lloridan and the subsequent seizure of the bank by the Empire. Little practical relevance, fairly unknown (1 gp) 1
904-3-36 Priar 36 The forces of the Labarean Empire are meeting heavy resistance in some districts of Lloridan. The Sage District is conrolled by an alliance of wizards and local members of the Fist of Ush, led by Hasin Purushu. Sensational, not broadly known (5 sp) 2


Most news from Jantai is news from The Mouth, although the region has more to offer than just this cavernous smuggler's den. The ruins of the Jantai Kingdom attract adventurers to this day, and some of the ancient monasteries and temples are still used. While the Labareans have formally occupied The Mouth, their control of the region is limited and the wilderness of Jantai hosts many who are on the run from the gnomes.  
Date number (y/m/d) Date name Event News value Roll 1d10
903-10-30 Dorges 30 During the Winter Synode, the Northern Church of Ush has determined that enslavement is immoral and prohibited under the War Codex. Important, far-spread as a rumor (5 sp) 1

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