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Clan Kandarin

The Clan Kandarin is one of the more important clans of The Porcupine. Specialized in safekeeping and masonry, the Kandarin provide the world with storage boxes, vaults, courier services, locks, banking services and other means of protecting wares. Their overseas shipping service is used by the Labarean Empire to transport weapons and ores, while their banking services are popular across the known world.   The current Elder of Clan Kandarin is Potaknir Kandarin, who lives in an area of The Porcupine known as The Strongroom. Potaknir does not oversee the many businesses of the clan, but holds meetings with those who do and instructs them when he deems it necessary.  

Important Kandarin Ventures


Main article: Kandarin Banks
Led by Kudar Kandarin, the banks of Clan Kandarin are considered to be the safest places to store goods. They combine masonic craftsmanship with magical protections and clever design. The main banks are in the cities of Zhai, but there are also a large vaults elsewhere. In addition, trading hubs across the Northern Arm have lockbox services that are tied into the main banking system, offering the possibility to make relatively small deposits and withdrawals.   In early 904 LC, the banks became part of a conflict between the dwarves and the Labarean Empire, as the Imperial Army invaded Lloridan and occupied the local Kandarin Vault. Due to Lloridan's deep connection with the Kingdom of Laeryll, the vault stored many items that were important to the elves and the occupancy threatened this clientele. Upon news of the occupation, Kudar put the Labareans to an ultimatum: either the bank would be returned to its original owners, or he would instruct his clan to halt any ore and weapon shipments to the Labarean heartland.   Goba Pardoozek, who had taken charge of the vault as a lieutenant, took this warning to mean that it held some important magical items that were not properly accounted for. The situation escalated and this led to the killing of the Zhai elf vault manager Lord Nekeir Gilraeth, which was taken as a grave dishonor by Kudar who started lobbying against Labarean interests. At the same time, several magic items, including the Tome of Dreams and the Sword of Morsyana were removed from the vault under mysterious circumstances.  


The locksmiths of Clan Kandarin operate both within and outside The Porcupine, although it is generally accepted that the best locks come from the dwarven homeland. However, any city worth its salt has one of the clan members running shop there, serving wealthy patrons who are willing to pay the premium on security.   The locksmiths within the Porcupine are overseen by Ranuknar Kandarin, who is an expert lockmaker himself and also a crafty mechanic who has once won first prize in an engineering competition in Galotigoo.   Of special note is Gurven Kandarin, who crafts locks in Pothyrr . Gurven's great-great-grandfather started the shop in 33 BLC, in the days of Bothandal the Crafter, when Pothael was a nexus of mining activities in the Furnace Mountains and the Thracyll Mountains.  

Courier service

The Kandarin courier service, also known as Running Boulder, is active on both the Northern and the Southern Arm. It delivers protected items with discretion, offering a variety of services that include using highly trained mercenaries to transport items they themselves cannot access. Members of the Running Boulder are trained in a unique fighting style and deliver their items at any cost. Stealing from a courier is the gravest insult, which is often paid back in blood.
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