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Melchior the Mouth

Melchior "the Mouth" Dogplate 876 LC - present) is a human newsman and member of The Traveling Word.  

Invasion of Zhai

In 903 LC, Melchior was sent to Zhai from Arkos, to assess the consequences of the Labarean invasion that had led to the fall of Lloridan. While traveling there, he picked up the news that the Silimani Gunslingers had traveled to Pellvyr in Laedor Thilis, as trouble was brewing in that region. While interested, Melchior was dedicated to gathering intelligence in Zhai and proceeded towards Lloridan, where he met with Hasin Purushu and other key figures of the anti-Labarean resistance, who informed him about the Labarean plans to expand using huge mechanical golems.   At the end of Folknar in 904 LC, Melchior set out to return to the mainland of the Northern Arm. In the jungle north of Lloridan, he met Kramknir Arutan, Spatula the Bard, Barry Bearbite and Rolin the Fist, who told him tales about chaos in King's Swamp. He set his mind to traveling to the abandoned Laeryllian province immediately and decided to call for a meeting with the Arkos Plains emissary Faryl Crestbrand as soon as he arrived in the neutral zone north of Zhai. He told Faryl about the golems, who then brought that news back to Arkos Plains.   In late Priar, Melchior arrived in Laedor Thilis, amidst an influx of Zhai refugees and miners who had been called in by Gondwen Huckstone, a dwarf who had set up the new Hedgehog Mining Company to exploit the rediscovered Bothandal's Mine.
Current Location
Year of Birth
874 LC 30 Years old
Aligned Organization

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