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Drahoslav Vlach

Now a Dannamore certified Field Leader, Drahoslav was raised by semi-nomadic adventurers and lived outside Allegran law for the majority of his life. At a personal low point several years back he heard about the Dannamore organizing what seemed to be a government approved 'adventurers union'. He bargained his reputation as an infamous outlaw into an honourary Dannamore certification for himself and a handful of his closest chums, as well as amnesty for the 'outlaw family' that raised him.

Mental characteristics


Nearly thirty hard years of unlawful adventuring has been Vlach's education. His aunt raised Vlach after his parents were killed by kakornio outside the city on the family farm. His aunt Luria had been running with a team of unlicenced scavengers for several years and she believed he was old enough (though MANY of the other adventurers thought otherwise), young Drahoslav joined them on their dangerous capers.


Until recently Vlach spent his entire life with the troup of 'unsanctioned excavators', who also happened to have raised him. As a child he 'earned' his meals by tending the smaller animals that they kept for wool and milk until he was grown enough for more physical work. He happily spent decades wandering the prairies and scouting for ruins with his 'outlaw family'.
Years ago several members of his small community died from a mistake he was partially responsible for and it was decided that they couldn't let him endanger everyone else. They banished him from their work but offered that he could stay at the farm with those who were recovering from injuries or grew too old for certain jobs. At first he didn't hate the idea of farming and helping set the occassional broken bone, but after a few mere weeks Vlach could barely contain his boredom. He left the farm, heading for Etude despite the potential risk of capture by the authorities. Finding a squalid room in the Knocking District, he quickly realized how vastly different living in the city would be from the rare visits he'd made in the past.
A few years ago one of his shifty contacts in Etude went legal when the Dannamore recruited him for a job. It was a sure thing and Vlach tracked him down to get their attention. Unfortunately it worked too well and he underestimated how badly the Allegran government wanted to catch him and his outlaw family. To keep his aunt and the adventurers who raised him safe he traded the wide open freedom of the prairies for a gilded cage held by the Dannamore R.E.D. Success was practically guaranteed and after a couple short years he was surprised to discover that nobody seemed to care about him any more - as long as he kept bringing back relics and other loot from the ancient ruins they search.
  This new sense of 'constrained freedom' has enboldened Vlach and his cockiness is starting to raise eyebrows among his peers.
Current Status
Leading the Slaughter Monsters.
Date of Birth
11th of Zeriel, 4086
Year of Birth
4086 45 Years old
Aligned Organization
  • 4086

    20 Zeriel

    3 Megalu

    Birth, Drahoslav Vlach
    Life, Birth

    A young outlaw woman gives birth to a healthy human boy.

  • 4090

    3 Megalu

    8 Nisid

    Attack on the Farm
    Life, Trauma/ Loss

    A raiding party of kakornio attack the farm and kill nearly a dozen injured or elderly outlaws, including Drahoslav's mother.

  • 4091

    8 Nisid

    2 Nisid

    Adoption & Education
    Life, Milestone

    Although she'd never say so, his aunt Luria was not acting altruistically when she formally adopted Drahoslav. Mere months after his mothers' death she had the child on a strict routine consisting of studies, chores, and 'practice' - literally training the young boy how to pick locks, pockets, and fights.

  • 4097

    2 Nisid

    5 Zeriel

    Drahoslav's First Job
    Life, Crime

    On a rare 'visit' to Etude one of Drahoslav's 'uncles' seizes an opportunity to swindle an old rival by using the 'naive' boy as bait. Committing his first theft exactly as instructed, Drahoslav was celebrated and officially welcomed by the entire community who until now still felt he was too young to be away from the farm.

    Knocking Street
  • 4103

    5 Zeriel

    'Official' 'Scavenger' Welcome Party
    Criminal Activity

    After proving himself skilled enough shortly after his 18th season, the outlaw adventurers take Vlach out for a night to remember - and to test his limits. Most return to the farm or other work, preferring to leave Etude quickly but a handful of toughs decided to stay in the city through summer to 'earn' some lats before the trek to the farm in early fall. This is where Vlach and the other Slaughter Monsters became a crew.

  • 4104

    3 Morai

    The Family Business
    Cultural event

    After months' of anarchy, petty crime, and abundant mischief, the crew now calling themselves the Slaughter Monsters return to their real work and Vlach would leave Etude with his found family, not returning for over a decade.

  • 4105

    3 Edum

    9 Atasan

    Creep cum Ranger
    Life, Career

    Despite being a man of obviously questionable morals, Vlach quickly grew in popularity among his peers due to his sheer charisma and uniquely handsome facial features. His aunt had taught him how to be a decent thief and fantastic conman but once he was let loose in the wilderness his real gifts were awakened. With his friends by his side, Vlach scouted, plundered, and explored corners of Allegri that have been outlawed by the Mansa for generations.

  • 4126

    2 Megalu

    1 Nisid

    Life, Failure / Mishap

    The Slaughter Monsters have a dispute with the other outlaws and it ends badly. The bitter winter cold forces Vlach and the others to seek refuge in Etude to consider their next move.

  • 4127

    1 Atasan


    The Slaughter Monsters don't adjust well to living in the city and the members each succumb to their vices much more quickly than Vlach could've anticipated. Vlach himself was not immune to the temptations that Knocking Street could provide. The crew is essentially disbanded although they all still live together.

  • 4128

    1 Atasan

    Outlaws Exposed!
    Life, Milestone

    Although experienced in evading the law, Vlach fucked up one night while whoring and led the guards to their den. Only one escaped capture, Matouš Kocí, their arcanist and the one person who was most likely to get caught in the first place. Matouš gets the whole team out of the city but trust in Vlach is at an all-time low.

  • 4129

    9 Nisid

    9 Nisid

    The Dannamore
    Life, Career

    An old friend from Etude sends word that the Dannamore is recruiting nearly anyone with wilderness experience. Drahoslav was low on options and used his limited contacts to negotiate with the Dannamore for a deal: Drahoslav would work for them but his team would receive full amnesty for any alleged 'crimes' they had commited.

  • 4131

    9 Nisid

    Leading the Slaughter Monsters
    Discovery, Exploration

    Vlach and the Slaughter Monsters were last known to be leaving Etude with a R.E.D. directive. Notably; a new addition to the squad was assigned by the 'higher-ups' and Vlach is pissed that his roster is being fucked with.


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