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Impending Loss

Here me, Vkriodro has bested a surpise seige! Less than a day ago, general Kridri received an emergency Far-Flame message from a heroic soldier. Due to this, they were swiftly able to return troops and cut down the invading Sukeke. Phor Thfidr lost her life in the assault, along with an estimated two thousand troops.

The tide of war has shifted. They continue to hold ground and now there are not enough soldiers willing to fight. The end is in sight for the war, the Sukeke has lost a key player and the Koel people have recently gained allyship of neighboring Gailha while Phor Igegesuge has recently fled deep into the desert.

Further, the loss of our sister, brothers, and nestmates all is greater than many say the value of Mount. Kornal is. The enemy comes to our doorstep and we must respond. Not with violence but with empty hands. Loss after loss, all towns agree that this war has overstayed and is disgusting. Even the Koel I have spoken to rebuke the war, welcoming refugees from fallen towns into their homes. Scattered Phori, Humi, Roqbherg join with cousins rather than siblings. Their parents killed and nephews of another breed. But we are not of many breeds, we are of the mountain. Hear me when I say this loss will spell the end of the war, for better or for worse.

As of today, we must flee to the East!
— Begining note by a Town Liaison


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