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The Sukeke people, meaning of the bounty, are majority Vshawen who live in and around Viuhrt. They used to be the majority in Kornal, but now they have spread out in the surrounding nations.  


The Sukeke people have very similar ideals to the cultures of the area. Most of what defines them is blood and acceptance, entire Vshawen colonies and bloodlines of other species can attest that they belong.
A few ideals they hold are:
  • Greetings only need to happen the first time you see someone in a day. Further greetings are a means of grabbing attention rather than a formality and politeness.
  • To turn someone away when they ask for help is seen as a major taboo. To let someone leave into the heat of the mountaintops, in old times, would almost certainly spell death. Likewise, it is unwise to refuse water.
  • Beauty is those who do not excrete in public. This is primarily sweat for Roqbherg and other species, but it also applies to producing silk for Vshawen. Excess secretions are seen as unsightly and should be kept in the home, not public.
  • Chains of command are a very good thing. This can mostly be seen in businesses where it seems like everyone has a senior for any task. And those seniors change from task to task. If you are in retail, you may have one person you go to if a customer is dissatisfied then another if you are running low on supplies. Then, those people may have someone else to go to if they have complaints about how a fellow employee is behaving. Then that person would go to you if they need authorization to unlock the building in the morning. It gets very complex and almost nonsensical at times, almost to achieve having a chain of command before its actual practical use.
  • The primary faith is Akta with a distant second being Dreulbe


It was their loss at the Battle for Mount. Kornal that sent a shockwave through the people, scattering them to the wind. The leading colony of the time now finds their descendants in a small nation to the east, Sukekurt, less bountiful though full of caverns. The once super colony that contained at least a dozen full-sized colonies had its threads snapped, caverns flushed and crushed, phora stolen and slain, and their phor cast from grace. They claim that one day they will reclaim the land that belongs to them, that the Koel will spill blood that will soak their threads in tapestries for the ages. Now, they are at the mercy of a nation that would rather them gone.

The Phor that came from the super colony do not remain in Kornal, let alone Viuhrt. However, smaller colonies that have familial relations remain as minorities in Kornal. They are met with disdain and ridicule in hushed voices when leaving their caves. They remain to state that they belong, and are allowed due to cultural similarities and beliefs with those around them.


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Jul 10, 2023 15:24

I like the idea of only having to greet people the first time you see them. Definitely an idea I can get behind.. XD

Jul 11, 2023 00:14

Me too! Definitely didn't take the idea from personal ideals...

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Jul 11, 2023 03:58

It is a little unclear how they are integrated with other I take the meaning of "entire Vshawen colonies and bloodlines of other species " Interestesing after for the scorpion species.

Jul 11, 2023 15:36

I wouldn't call it integration as much as identification. While the majority of those who identify themselves and others identify are Vshawen, there is a minority of other species who identify and are identified as, too. Also, the Vshawen aren't of one culture, this is just one of many!

Kriltch, arcanities not included.