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Classist worship of one’s superior, this usually being a Vshawen worshiping their Phora. A superior are considered to be of a divine nature, with the phora being chosen by the gods themselves. Aside from choosing who is worthy, the gods are unforgiving and mostly unconcerned with mortal affairs.

They hold the idea that you can not survive on your own, you must be apart of the group. Those outside the group must not be trusted, even if they are distant kin or another colony.
Druul is an insulting name for one of the Dreulbe faith.

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One's physical form is sacred and can only be shown to the diety or intimate scenerios. Traditional greeting being a morphing of the eye patterns on their masks to make a blink, this signifies a sight beyond sight of the other.   Worship of the land they live:
Yassa Fossa
Lake Knontru
mountains of Pthiuhv
Pillared ground of Krong
Heat and avarice of Sayk


Masks & cloak

Each member has a clay mask they wear in public with designs representing who they are. They are given a blank mask when they are born then add carvings throughout their lives (the first being when they reach maturity(after molt from larva for Vshawen)). Each mask also has a different shape, to represent their mortal form. They believe their masks are divine, granted to them by the gods.

They all wear capes when in the presence of one not from their home, because it is believed by them that others are undeserving of seeing their form.


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