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Origin of gods:   The two first floated through the void of nothing until one time they found each other. This made them filled with immense joy that they each shed a single tear creating their children Yezh (tear of Nexn) and Xein (tear of Zoozh).   They also had a third child made from the raw emotion that fused between the two rather than the tears. This child was named Xazh and was much weaker than all the other gods. This god was never fully formed and never was fully real nor unreal., and probably should not have come into existence in the first place.   Xein quickly became proficient in crafting, teaching her parents how to create.   Yezh, envious of his sister Xein had used his blood to spear her heart thru and thru.Rather than dying Xein’s became wrathful and chaotic, destroying so much of what Nexn and Zoozh had and were creating. Unable to bring their daughter under control, Zoozh sang a sweet song to put her into an eternal slumber, thus creating death. Through Xein’s dreams of sweet comfort, the dead may spend eternity.     Unsatisfied of the speed his parents were taking to create a new world, Yezh impregnates Zoozh with three new gods: Kol, Vael, and Chuun   Kol (female), the eldest, squeezed Nexn and Zoozh’s creations into separate forms, thus creating the Relns   Chuun (male), the middle child, gave each reln a name, thus attributing it with its characteristics.   Little Vael (female) looked to her older siblings changes, thinking hard at how she too could create from old. Melenia pass as her siblings and parents continue to create the universe. Her sorrow of her failure led her to solitude and eventual death. None noticed her absence as they were all too busy creating and changing. From her copse emerged the six God Reln (Jyk, Wox, Mur, Bil, Nep, Kag), beings of all Reln almost equivalent to the gods themselves. They themselves created: sculptures, music, language, dance, fragrance, flavor. This bustle of change drew the attention of Yezh. Not knowing where their foreign entities came from Yezh attempted to eradicate them, but Kol intervened. Kol had sensed her father's war like tendencies and defended these small creatures. Outraged at his daughter's belligerence Yezh scraped away a piece of Kol. Chuun came in defence of his sister, and together Kol and Chuun managed to strip away Yezh’s spirit. Now a mere husk Yezh attracted the free-floating reln and became the first planet.   Ashamed of their progenitor, Kol and Chuun donned masks. Kol’s mask was of a single open eye, to look over all, and to hide his mutilation. Chuun’s mask was of a closed eye, to listen to all. They keep these masks on as a hope to prevent any future malice from unknown or untold motives.   Kol and Chuun wept at the loss of their father, their many tears became Oo of the newly formed planet. Though it was truly Yezh’s body that gave the nourishment and life to their tears.   Upon discovering Kol’s body Nexn and Zoozh became distraught. Their inattentiveness of their children had lead to both their deaths. As their sadness grew so did Nexn’s anger. Nexn blamed Zoozh for not attending to their children and to let him create the world's. Zoozh equally hysterical reflected the blame back to him, she had other children to worry about. A fight broke out between them, their blood, sweat, and other secretions flew away from their bodies until nothing remained, not even their spirits. The remnants of their bodies became divine beings all unto their own.   Their blood became Tor: god of sacrifice and hardship. Sweat became Fau: goddess of nourishment, hollowing, and fulfillment. Semen from Nexn and Eggs from Zoozh became Kro and Gulte twin gods of good and evil. Their bile became Chm god of disease, flood, and fertility.     Kro and Gulte, only meeting once in their lives before their natures forced them apart, birthed Goom: God of mountains and solid earth. The soon separation of Kro and Gulte lead to Goom being improperly birthed, thus creating a hideous excrescence. Goom tore himself apart to fit how he knew he should be. His scraps became Bal god of the desert and unhinged earth (including floating earth).     Kol, seeing how Goom was no longer one, tried to convince him to put himself together. Goom refused, and asserted that he was not meant to have that blight upon him, that this is how he should have looked all along. Kol spent ages trying to convince Goom, but Goom stood steadfast in denial. Through interactions, Kol and Groom grew close; eventually leading to them becoming the first couple. As a present to Kol’s new mate, she created one who was like him and for him to look fondly upon in remembrance of her, Sohb: goddess of the sky (her eyes open is the day while the night is her eyes closed).   Jealous of his brother, Tor took from Kol his own gift. But what he had managed to take from her was not what he had hoped, Bo: goddess of others and the unknown.   After finding out what Tor had done to his love, Goom fought with Tor. their screams became Oos goddess of the eastern wind.   Kol and Goom eventually had a child of their own, Paan: goddess/god of innocence. Paan grew up to be the most gorgeous god of all prior, creating more lust than envy between all other gods.   Not denying anyone, Paan sired and birthed many children from many other gods. Yet despite her giving to all, there was one who wished her to be their own. Xien, viewing Paan from the world of the dead, tricked Paan to committing suicide. Paan heard a voice from beyond telling he/she to seek out the Choba berry. As innocent and trusting as ever, Paan followed this nebulous voice’s directions. One bite from the berrie sent her to the eternal slumber.   Kol and Goom became enraged about their daughter's passing, they demanded that she be brought back as her time had not yet come. For twelve Noinkuz they spent every day praying for Xein to let their child go. Xein could not, but did allow their child, Tk: god of passing, to pass between worlds to appease Kol and Goom. This did not, and Kol rode with Tk to the world of the dead to retrieve her daughter. Outraged ath Kol’s defiance of her elder, Xein cast Kol to the pits of the dead, to be buried forever by the increasing pile of the body of those lost.   Aouz pass and Goom realises that his beloved is ne’er to return wept. His tears formed and continue to feed lake Knontru.  


The religion has so many gods because it is a combonation of many different peoples with their own patron gods.

List of Gods

    Nexn: the father     Zoozh: the mother     Yezh: God of Life     Xein: Goddess of Death     Xazh: the forgotten     Kol: Goddess of Unity     Chuun: God of Independance     Vael: Goddess of Origin     Jyk     Wox     Mur     Bil     Nep     Kag     Tor: god of sacrifice, hardship, and magic.     Fau: goddess of nourishment, hollowing, and fulfillment.     Kro: twin goddess of good.     Gulte: twin god of evil.     Chm: god of disease, flood, and fertility.     Oos: goddess of the eastern wind.     Goom: god of mountains and solid earth.     Bal: god of the desert and unhinged earth (including floating earth).     Sohb: goddess of the sky.     Bo: goddess of others and the unknown.     Paan: goddess/god of innocence and purity.     Prn: goddess of lust, averice, greed, and gluttony (Chm)     Odna: goddess of order and regularity (Chm)     Kant: god of bounty (Chm)     Psasoh: guardian of lake Knontru (Oos)     Nut: god of authority (Tor)     Klku: God of sages (Tor)     Tk: god of passing


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