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Town Liaison

The job of a Town Liason, in short, was to gather news of the world outside the town. Back in the day, before Far-Flames, scrying smoke, and phones, rural towns had little access to the outside. nature's dominance kept them squarely inside and any travel outside would require some sort of escort. Sure, towns may be visited by the outside, bringing news, but the further they were, the less likely they would hear of worldly news. So they would assign someone to be a liaison between the small town and the larger ones.  


The first responsibility, the retrieval of news, is taken as a week-long excursion on a planned route to the closest larger settlements. In these settlements, the Town Liason would listen and talk. They would listen for any and all news, keeping notes in their mind. They would also talk, talk, talk, a conversationalist at heart to coerce yet more news from the townspeople. Town Liasons tend to be charismatic, though they often encroach on the line of annoyance, hence the presence of a guard.


A Town liaison would be accompanied by typically one, but sometimes more, guards. The guard's sole duty was to ensure their safety, either from wild beasts or from people they make tick off. Commonly, the liason and their guard are Muzoval, due to their wayfaring nature.


Town Liaison, while out, tend to have little to no sleep. They may sleep on the road, but while in a town they are constantly talking. To keep this up, they take special medicines that keep them awake. Their guards may sleep, but the energy the town liaison brings typically keeps them up without the aid of medication.


Once the Town Liason comes back to town, they will continue to talk. Nay, they will speak, profess the news to all those who will listen. They will make their way to a designated stage, typically in a public space such as the center of town, government building, large tavern, or actual stage. They will go over all the news they had uncovered, talking non-stop for a day or until they have covered all the knowledge they bring. They do this in an orderly fashion: catastrophe> war > economics > political affairs > sports > gossip   Resting The Town Leason, after gorging in verbal output, would be sent to rest for the next however long they would sleep for. This typically took four to six days before they would wake where they would be treated well by whoever was decided to harbor them. They would not speak, taking medication to recover their frayed vocal cords.  


Why not write? One may ask. The simple answer is they don't have time. Between conversing to get any sort of news and their day-long spiel, there is little time to write things down. While out, the guard may write some things down, and the Town Liason may write down important notes, but overall there just isn't time. In addition to that, however, writing does not portray the whole of the news. The Town Liason's verbal tone and aura is very important and imparts more granular knowledge.

During the speaking portion, many townspeople will write down what they hear. This may be for personal use, for the town newspaper, or just to ensure that something isn't forgotten.


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Sort of town crier and information collector or traveling info trader.

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Kriltch, arcanities not included.