Glerigh Jason

King Glerigh Jason (a.k.a. Gad'n Ebon Zhou'lem, Chazhem)

Glerigh Jason was the king of Etha during The Great Northern War. He is responsible for the beginnings of Centralization of the kingdom that brought it to its modern state's roots. Glerigh became king on 5-15-1057.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Glerigh was born as the heir to the previous king of Etha. His youth was spent as many of the Ethain nobility did. He would show as a fearsome warrior when he joined the army in defending against the Hyun raiders from the east. As he assumed the kingship, though, he found himself in charge of a state that was lacking much central authority. He recognized the threats on his borders, such as the Hyun raiders in the east, Ethernian raiders in the north, and pirates and Nivagran raiders that came by sea in the south. He desired to strengthen royal power to deal with these, but he found himself stymied by nobles at every turn. So went much of his reign: slowly building up a power-base in his country, seeing wild success among the merchants and traders who appreciated his safeguarding of the sea lanes. In his later years he finally managed to break the stalemate, putting down a large noble revolt that threatened his position. His reformation of the kingdom would be improved upon by his daughter and her successors, eventually paving the roots for the modern Ethain state.


He was educated by the tutors of the royal family and by clerics of high rank.


Glerigh Jason

Liege (Important)

Towards Sezzlic Denk



Sezzlic Denk

Protege (Important)

Towards Glerigh Jason




The first meeting of these two was when Sezzlic Denk traveled south to offer his service to the kingdom against the Ethernian invaders.   As he aged, Sezzlic showed himself as reliable and loyal; a great potential servant of the king.

Nicknames & Petnames

Glerigh gave to Sezzlic Denk the title "Vitez Etha" which meant "The point of Etha" (With reference to a sword.)

Relationship Reasoning

Glerigh needed allies to help him strengthen the kingdom, one of which would be Sezzlic whose skills allowed Glerigh to achieve goals without having to rely on the more powerful duchies.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both desired the kingdom to be strong and to preserve Jasonic power.

Shared Acquaintances

Xogeq Nape was a friend of Sezzlic and also served Glerigh Jason.

1027 A.K. 1092 A.K. 65 years old
Circumstances of Death
A natural death of complications related to age.
Dark brown eyes.
Mid length hair, dark in his youth but largely greyed by the time of his passing.
Known Languages
Spoke the standard Ethain tongue, although may have known the Hyun language to some extent.


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