The Northern War

The Great Northern War was an armed conflict between the kingdoms of Sedun and Etha.   It took place mostly in the northern duchies of Etha, but also in the seas in between the two kingdoms.   It was sparked by the Ethain invasion of the Ethernian island of Nyf in late 1069. Isora initially responded by repelling the invasion from her island ally, then by moving on to raid Etha itself.

The Conflict


Following the rise to power of Isora Mezezi and her consolidation of Sedun , a desire to extend her power and guarantee her hegemony met with an Ethain invasion of Nyf queen an excuse to move south.   Following an initially successful raid, she planned a full invasion to take place in some years' time. In six years all of her preparations would be complete and "The Great Northern War" would begin.


Isora receives large sums of tribute, as well as assurances from the Ethain king, and recognition of equal status and sovereignty.

Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Isora is laregly successful and manages to achieve a favorable piece.





Capitulate the kingdom of Etha.
Defend the kingdom.


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