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The Temple of the First Imaginer

A mysterious building shrouded in legend, the Temple of the First Imaginer is a structure in Bazilia that was built to honor the First Imaginer, who some in Bazilia worship as a goddess.

Purpose / Function

The First Imaginer is worshipped as a goddess by many people in Bazilia. Because of this, her followers constructed a temple to honor her sometime around her death. The exact date of the construction is unknown, but many Gifteds were instrumental in the creation, including Gravitrons, Telekinetics, and even Seers, who used their powers to find events that were carved onto the walls.


The temple is said to be built out of marble and sandstone, with steps leading up to the huge stone doors that require either Gifteds or multiple people to open. The roof is triangular, with a point at a 135° angle. Columns are placed in the front at the top of the steps. The entire building is raised about ten feet off the ground. There is only one entrance at the front, although some stories claim that there is a secret passage leading out into the jungle.   The temple only has one room on the main level. It is roughly 40 or more feet high, but the ceiling is angled, so it may be higher at that point. There are more columns interspersed along the length of the room leading up to a central dais, upon which is a glass box that reportedly contains a book written by the First Imaginer herself. The walls of the main hall are lined with intricate, cryptic carvings that were supposedly inspired by prophetic visions. These carvings include one of Death and their four lieutenants, an illustration of the Prophecy of Nine, and several of the First Imaginer.   The temple has a lower level, which was divided into several rooms for private contemplation and prayer. The stairs to the lower level were located near the dais, but the exact placement has been lost to time.


After its creation, the temple was used constantly and daily as a place for worshippers of the First Imaginer to go. It is believed that other temples were built after a hundred years or so and this one was used less. Scholars continued to seek it out, since many texts were left behind. Tourism disappeared after the End of Altaria when the knowledge of finding it was lost.
Founding Date
Circa 300 BEA
Alternative Names
The Temple of Knowledge
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location


The temple appears in too many documents to be a complete myth, but in the present era, the location of the building has been lost. It was built in the jungle of Bazilia near the ancient kingdom of Hastel, but Hastel was disbanded hundreds of years previously. No one knows what happened to maps showing the temple, or the knowledge of its location, nor why it vanished.   The last reports of someone visiting the temple are from the seventh century AEA, when the scholar and Seer Mikard Jorhann supposedly visited it. Beyond that, the mysterious Imaginer Jessamine went to the temple two thousand years ago. At that time, the temple was already deserted and believed to be a myth. It seems that the temple, like most aspects of the First Imaginer, will remain a mystery forever.

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Cover image: The Temple of the First Imaginer by Lilliana Casper


Author's Notes

I finished another! It took me more than an hour, but I needed to think things through, and I also got distracted by stuff. I hope everyone likes it, the temple is important in a story I have.   I hope to add more to this soon, but for now enjoy the header, which took me roughly six hours to paint and looks much better in person than it does here.

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Aug 23, 2022 02:48 by George Sanders

I was imagining the description of the temple uncovered over ages of effort by seers to locate the temple, as well as myth and old stories. I'm interested in reading more about this First Imaginer! Here is Lavani's thoughts, she was trying to unravel what puzzle you may have planted or could be pants-ing. :)   "The Temple of the First Imaginer was lost to time and found only in myth now, will it ever be recovered? And, what if it's location was actually blocked from divination and the seers! What force would do that?" -Lavani

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Aug 24, 2022 00:00 by Lilliana Casper

Thank you so much!! There are a lot of records of the temple, but unfortunately, no one knows how to find it anymore. I am planning to write an article about the First Imaginer, but I have to figure out my format first, so it will probably take a while.   Thank you, Lavani! I have some ideas about what happened, but I'm not certain yet!

Lilliana Casper   I don't comment much, but I love reading your articles! Please check out my worlds, Jerde and Tread of Darkness.
Aug 24, 2022 08:12 by George Sanders

That's great! Gives you something to uncover and design.

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