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A very rare Gifted Power that gives visions of the future. This power is extremely torturous to those who have it, as visions manifest both in dreams and the waking world, ensuring that powerful Seers barely have any peace.  
Why did I have to have this power? Why did I have to see all of this? Why, when I can change almost none of it?
— A Seer who probably saw someone die


Prophecy gives the people who possess it the ability to see the future in dreams and visions. These are rarely able to be activated by will and are never controllable once they happen. The visions manifest
An original draft of the Trousard Prophecy
as images and sound projected into the Seer's mind, sometimes accompanied by words that form prophecies. The visions are easily identified to the Seer and can be from the past, present, or future, although they are most often of the future.   Trained Seers can learn to suppress their visions to some extent, although intense or important events can break through. Other trained Seers can search for a specific answer without getting a complete vision. These answers are generally given in short phrases, quick images, or granted knowledge.   Prophecy is one of the most unpredictable and unstable Gifted Powers, although it cannot be used to affect other people. Visions are difficult to understand and prophecies are hard to interpret. Prophecy is also the only power to have a title for the user with a different letter.

Side/Secondary Effects

As with all Gifted powers, Seers experience strong Downsides. Seers generally have Downsides that make them develop mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or anxiety. Several powerful Seers are even known to develop post-traumatic stress disorders. Most of these side effects are believed to connect directly with the visions the Seer receives, which are known to drive many to madness.


Visions normally start with a faint shift in the emotions a Seer is feeling, with a sense of dread or fear being the most common. The images and sound will begin at any point, and can vary in intensity, speed, and length.


Prophecy was discovered sometime between 600 and 500 BEA in Hastel, Bazilia. The records of Seers have been kept carefully since the Prophecy of Nine in 350 BEA.

Applied Restrictions

Very few countries have placed restrictions on Prophecy due to its nature. Dalirn and other Gift-hating countries have bans on all Gifted powers including Prophecy. Several other countries require all manifested Seers to be drafted into advising the king, queen, or other rulers. However, the country of Pelarth in Rushlinna has placed minor restrictions only on Prophecy, mainly preventing Seers from summoning visions to protect their minds.

Well-Known Recent and Historical Seers

Mikard Jorhann
Nasitaya Alyenya Varestyss
Lady Cassandra Adrienne Issachar (née Calleron)
Gestures & Ritual
When Seers attempt to summon a vision, many of them must go through certain preparations. Some Seers, especially powerful ones, do not have to do this.
Related Element
Effect Duration
Anywhere from less than a second to several hours
Effect Casting Time
Seers manifest from 5-10 years of age
A Seer's desperate message to themselves by Lilliana Casper

Visions From Another World

Some powerful Seers have had visions of other worlds and the events happening there. One notable occurrence of this is the Prophecy of Nine, a document about a group of heroes that would save and protect a different world many times over. The writer of this prophecy, Nasitaya Alyenya Varestyss, reported very few visions, the majority of which she claimed belonged in other worlds. Most well-known is her Prophecy of Nine, but her other public writings include "The Thousand in One", "Iron Queen", and "Catalyst Massacre".   Another vision from another world was one of the famous Seer Mikard Jorhann's lesser prophecies, a short stanza about several people and certain traits about them. During his final months of life, Mikard attempted once to reach through time and speak with another Seer. His attempt failed when he triggered a vision of a girl from another world. Some of this encounter was transcribed, but much of it was not. Mikard also wrote some short visions he had of people he believed to be from other worlds, but unfortunately, many of his notes were lost along with his journals.

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