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Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge

Nine articles read and reviewed!

After a few days, I finally finished my reading challenge article! It took me some time to find and read and write "reviews", especially after I got distracted a couple of times by articles outside of my selected categories. Anyway, here are my choices, please check them out!

Category #1: A settlement that was lost or discovered.

The war god's lost city
Settlement | Jan 28, 2023

At the foundation of the very first cities, each god was the patron to their own. During mortals' wars, the victors used to invite the patron of the defeated city to join them. The war god was the very first to accept such an invitation.

I always enjoy Amélie's writing, and I was delighted to see that she managed to do all of the prompts. I like this article because it didn't focus only on the city but talked about the traditions that caused the city's destruction. I would have liked to see more about the city itself, but it was a unique approach that I think I'll try sometime.
I have never read ynix's articles before I saw this in the prompt entries list and decided to read it. The layout is good, the information is balanced well, and I especially like the image of the diary excerpt. I'd never thought of creating destroyed but resettled towns before, and I think that's what inspired me the most about this article. I don't know that I'll make one up immediately, but I'll definitely create one for a story somewhere.
Rosscot Camp
Settlement | Jul 22, 2022

An exploration camp on the wild islands of the south that went silent

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of this explorer's camp was really interesting to me. The layout of the article was very good, and I thought it was good. The compact but detailed way the article was written inspired me to work on flow for my future articles and balance things out. I'm hoping to get at least one map on here soon, so seeing one here was cool.

Category #2: A lost or discovered monument.

The Black Obelisk
Building / Landmark | Aug 24, 2022
Another random choice from the entries page! I liked this one because of the detail and the way history was incorporated into it. The mystery of how exactly an indestructible obelisk came to be made and placed on an island wasn't even stated, just implied. I think that's a cool way to add suspense and mystery and I'll try to be less obvious at times in my writing.
Old Temple to an Eldritch Horror
Building / Landmark | Jan 29, 2023

When gods fight together, the clashes of their power might uncovered things that should better remained buried deep under the earth...

I was surprised to discover that this article barely talked about the actual building and yet was still incredibly interesting. Perhaps it was the story behind its discovery or the absolutely creepy header, but this article was very good. Not to mention the dark ending!
The Stone of Remembrance
Building / Landmark | Jul 21, 2022

Destroyed memorial to the casualties of the Uprising.

I read this article right before vacation, and I thought it was so sad. So many people worked hard to create this memorial and then for it to get destroyed hundreds of years later so no one remembered their history? Tragic. This one inspired me to put as much feeling into my articles as possible.

Category #3: A person considered villainous or monstrous.

Character | Jul 31, 2022

Ilysandra is the third and last queen of Tondo Talestro. She is responsible for the city-wide arcane barrier being removed, but not before personally inviting demons into the heart of the city and elevating them to a new rank of nobility among her people.

This is such a lovely article, with the way it's structured and the quotes and the image for the theme. What originally drew me to this article was the spelling of Ilysandra's name, and I think it suits her perfectly. She was someone I enjoyed reading about, although I would not want to meet her. I liked how tybarbary wrote her story and gave no information about her appearance aside from the picture of her.
Archmage Anvar
Character | Aug 30, 2022
Yet another random choice, I liked the simplicity of this article's statement. The details put into the character's turning point were well written and I thought this was a good article. It reminded me to slow down a bit and stay simple in many aspects. I don't know how well this fits the prompt, but he certainly is a villain.
The forging god
Character | Nov 19, 2022

The patron god of fire, metal processing, forging and engineering, with an extremely influential Church. He founded the kingdom with the water god but now they are quarrelling about whether to favour industrialisation or the environment.

Yes, another one of Amélie's articles. I thought this was an interesting article and loved the images amount of links. I was impressed once again with the way the article balanced information about the city and politics with the character. Although the forging god doesn't seem like a completely monstrous person, he is definitely not good. I was inspired to link articles more and also add different opinions for characters.

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