Temple of Fonir in Hertal

Temple of Fonir is the only temple of the old gods still standing in Hertal. While other temples were abanoned after the gods left, this one stayed. Priests of Fonir believe that he couldn't have left completely as he is the divine guardian of Yastr. Fonir must stay vigilant and protect the world against dark forces, or at least it is what they believe.

There must be some piece of Fonir that still watches over us. He wouldn't have just left us.
— High Priest of Fonir

Today not many people visit the temple to pray. Most of the time only the priests and some of the followers of the Church of Tranquil Return are in the building. However, it is said that in the past the temple was full on a daily basis.


The temple of Fonir is a prime example of pre-departure architectural style. Very ascetic and showing the inferiority of mortals to gods. Its tall columns with no decorations mark the entrance while holding the tympanum with a relief of Fonir on top of them. Today the spaces between the columns are filled with bricks to fit with the modern architecture surrounding the temple
— An efinian historian
Founding Date
Long ago, in the Divine Era
Temple / Church
Parent Location

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