Imperial Grain Market

The Imperial Grain Market in Hertal is the main hub of grain export in the Efinian Empire. Grain from all over the empire, but mostly from the Central Province, is brought here and sold to foreign merchants.

The market is located on the outskirts of the city as the wealthy people living in the centre don't want grain-filled carts going around the city. Even merchants saying how inconvenient it is for them with rest of the markets being in the city centre can't change their mind.

Grain's place is outside the city
— A wealthy industrialist


The grain market is a big empty square plaza where carts can park in an orderly manner allowing the merchants easy access to the grain. The whole plaza is surrounded with a low stone wall and has four entrance, one on each side. At each entrance stands a small building where trade inspectors sit.

I don't understand why they made the grain market into something so permament. It stays empty for most of the year
— A person living close to the market
Founding Date
1353 AD
Alternative Names
Grain Market, Wheat Market
Market square
Parent Location

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