Hertal is the capital city of the Efinian Empire. It is located in the County of Efinia at the end of the Tiefbucht bay. It is a large city on the crossroads of both land and naval trade routes coming from all over the world. On the markets of Hertal one can find everything from eastern spices to martenian cloth. In the past slaves were also on sale here, but about 30 years ago the Empire banned slavery and all slaves on its territory were freed.


Most of the cities defences remember times from before the invention of modern weaponry and is ill-suited for modern wars. To mitigate that the defences were supplemented by building bastion fortification outside the old walls. The new defensive line is built to survive artillery fire and have firing posts for artillery and infantry.

Industry & Trade

Since the invention of the steam engine, the industry of Hertal has been booming. Factories were popping across the city and people were flocking into the city in search of work.

At the same time, the industry boom made changes in the local trade. Now Hertal isn't just the final hub to which products are brought, but also a desitnation resources and intermediate products used in factories.


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