Tiefbucht is of strategic importance to the empire. A blockade of the bay would be a disaster for us. Efinian Navy must patrol it day and night.
— Lucas von Vindan, Efinian General

Tiefbucht is a long bay going between the territories of the Efinian Empire and Grand Duchy of Marten. On its end sits the city of Hertal, the efinian capital. For centuries the empire has been trying to seize control of the whole bay, but both the Grand Duchy of Marten and the Merchant Republic of Lautio were have been opposing them.

Trade Route

Tiefbucht is part of all naval trade routes going in and out of Hertal. One can even say that more trade is done that way than through land. The main products transported through Tiefbucht are spices from the eastern islands and wood from the south. The route is also one of the main ways of ideas spreading throughout the world.

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