Fonir is one of the deities of Yastr. Some people considered him the highest deity as he was, according to some still is, the divine protector of the world. He protects Yastr from dark forces that lurk in parallel dimensions waiting to strike and destroy the world.

Gods might have left, but Fonir couldn't have abandoned his duty as the divine protector. Yastr still needs protection from darkness
— High Priest of Fonir

Light-Darkness Dualism

Long before the written history there were only two forces: Light and Darkness. They were personified by two powerful beings. Fonir, the avatar of light and order, and Etris, the avatar of darkness and chaos. They fought for dominion over the world. In the fight, Etris was raising hordes of monsters who ravaged the fledgling world of Yastr. To counter that, Fonir created the Cohir, a race of noble warriors gifted with magic. Some say that they were the ancestors of the modern-day elves.

The Cohir vanquished Etris' hordes and created a shield which prevented them from coming back. However, the twisting influence of Etris could still be felt in Yastr. It was corrupting the Cohir, eventually turning them into people as flawed as modern humans, elves or dwarves.

The legends say that the last pure Cohir hid in a magically protected cave and hibernated themselves. It is said that they will awake and lead us when the hordes return. I wonder if their protections survived the disappearance of magic?
— A scholar
Divine Classification

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