Church of Tranquil Return

Church of Tranquil Return is one of Ithir's major religions, with a strong presence in Yastr. They want to make the world a better place by putting an end to violence. Only then, they believe, will the gods return to Ithir.

The Church is also the only religious organization that continues to worship the gods. Others turned to atheism or leadership cults. However, Church of Tranquil Return is not persecuted. They are free to practice their religion in most countries.

Fonir, protector of Yastr, I strayed from the path of your light and stepped into darkness. I beg your forgiveness, have mercy on my soul.
— Prayer for Fonir's forgiveness

Tenets of Faith

  • You shall not raise your hand on another
  • You shall love your neighbour
  • Anger leads to destrution
  • Through tranquility the gods will return
  • By all of the gods of old, I swear to abandon my violent ways and live in peace
    — Creed of the Church


    Most of the Church's priests have one of the gods to whom they pray. It is said that they continue priestly traditions from the time before the departure of the gods. However, people must take that on faith as the priest don't allow scholars to study their rituals and texts.

    To become a priest one must dedicate several years to study in a temple. They get to know the sacred texts and are tested on their devotion. When they are ready, they take their oath.

    Political Influence & Intrigue

    The Church of Tranquil Return tries to grow their numbers by convincing people in power to convert. They had some success, but only on local level. Country governments are still beyond their grasp. Meanwhile, in regions where the Church has a lot of influence, they try to push for demilitarization and non-violent ways of prosecuting criminals.

    Founding Date
    200 AD
    Religious, Organised Religion
    Alternative Names
    Church of Return
    Church of Tranquility

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