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First Divine War

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  The First Divine War is one of the first known large-scale conflicts to have occurred in the Outer Sphere that encompassed many of the known deities of the Great Beyond. Though mortals have never learnt much of the truth of the Divine War, some details have trickled down over the course of centuries.   The War seems to have concerned deific intervention into the Material Plane, and perhaps involved debates over the use of magic by mortals entirely. Its conclusion gave rise to treaties preventing true gods from directly manifesting or intervening on the Material Plane without extreme cause, and permitted deities to instead bless favoured - or despised - mortals with divine magic.   Despite largely taking place in the Outer Sphere, the FIrst Divine War still spilled over into many mortal planets throughout the Material Plane. It is rumoured to be one of the original causes of the crystalline plague that claimed Seren's realm of Aetharis, and to have strongly influenced or potentially caused the Shattering of Skies along with Iskaldhal's long-standing magical instability. Other long-standing impacts on Istralar, such as the emergence of drow or even the arrival of elves, have been considered to be due to the First Divine War at various points in history.   It was followed, milennia later, by the Second Divine War.
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