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  The Elsrei were the largest of the snow elven tribes, once. They predominantly lived in the crystalline city of Jäätta and its icy surrounds, and were the most advanced civilisation in northern Iskaldhal when it came to arcane magic.   It isn't entirely known what caused Jäätta's fall, only that one day, it stood, and the next, it had fallen silent. All Elsrei living elsewhere returned to their home as if guided by some strange compulsion thereafter, and so too did many others follow the siren song of a fallen nation. Now, the only remnants of the Elsrei are their lingering spirits trapped within Jäätta's cold walls - and those who died before to rise again under the power of Iskaldhal's necromancers.
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Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
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Though unknown to most, Azsire is the sole remaining living member of the Elsrei, kept alive only by the power of Jäätta's avatar.   The exact circumstances behind this are a closely-guarded secret, as is this fact in general.

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