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Dawn of 5627: The Queen's Address

In these times of hunger and anguish, it is the Divine Queen who offers us Her resplendent respite!
— Shiari Times
  In 5627 EA, the new year in Shiar dawned with annual festivities to celebrate its arrival, even amidst the tragedy of Gaia's Lament. The Shiari festival was always one that starred its queen, the beautiful Divine Queen Asfiya, ruler of Shiar and head of its religion.   This year, however, was rather different. Though the last years had been mired in the effects of the Lament, and though the Lament weighed heavy on the hearts and heads of Shiar's citizenry, this year would finally dawn with a beacon of light: the Queen had made a proclamation ahead of the festival. An announcement of an announcement: a reason for all to drag themselves from their beds, where the dread of the future lay heaviest, and come to the sunny reaches of Masdarat to listen.   For those that could not make it, there were newspapers. The clip attached to this document is one such newspaper, presenting a recap of the speech itself in a mixture of quotes and summary, written by a high-ranking member of the Shiari Times - one of the few truly nationwide newspapers, affliated with numerous trade groups and the Queen's religion itself. Their reach and distribution saw the newspaper spread through the nation (and beyond) immediately, and the joy of its contents spread through the continent in infectious delight.  

True Circumstances

When will it end? When will you stop lying to our people?! Don't they deserve the truth for once?
— Chandna to her mother
  The Queen's proclamation announces much, but its most important facet, the glimpse of hope in a world of darkness, is her announcement of her daughter's pregnancy. The announcement claims that Holy Princess Chandna, who also speaks, has formed an alliance with a powerful being representing the land itself, and that this entity has granted her a pregnancy. The truth of this is, of course, doubted by many of Shiar's more sceptical citizens, but on this, they are wrong to do so.  
Speech at Masdarat by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
The proclamation is true enough: Chandna was impregnated by an avatar, a living representation of the land. However, the avatar with which she lay was not an avatar alone. The Earth-Mother's Gift, the true entity that lay the curse of Gaia's Lament over Takawaoku, had, impossibly and terribly, taken hold of the avatar.   The child that would be born was not merely the child of the land and its rulers, but of a Shard of the Void. What this would do to a child is deeply uncertain, but it is very likely that it would be a vessel through which the Shard would be more directly able to lay waste to the world.   Perhaps the most immediately worrying thing about this announcement was the timing of it, for it was timed perfectly with the secretive arrival of the Silkways train and its three hidden demigod passengers, and thus also the silent, stealthy arrival of the Lost Ones. Champions and their allies, they were; the direct enemies of the Shard, there with the intent to capture it to pay a ransom and to save the world.
  The adventurers, newly arrived in the City of Gold, stood aghast and in direct sight of the Queen and her daughter as they gave their speech, though hidden with disguises of their own. For them, this speech marked a declaration of intent. The Shard was making its own moves, likely in response to theirs. It knew that they were present, and it dared to stare them down as it tightened its grasp over millions of innocent citizens.   This speech, this announcement, was no mere celebration of joy: it was a declaration of war.  
Well, that was bizarre and extremely concerning. What the fuck is actually going on here?
Licia Galewen, Champion of Desna
  They would be invited, then, to the Queen's own ball, held in honour of the announcement and in celebration of Chandna's pregnancy. They would be given freedom, money, and gifts to be ready for it. They were given three days to linger in Masdarat, seeing the life and light of the city, before they could enter the royal family's own lair.   The ball erupted into chaos shortly after the dancing and celebrations had began, only a few hours after they had arrived into the main ballroom. The Lost Ones and their allies would pursue the Queen, Princess, and Consort into the dining room and into their maze, where secrets would be torn open and laid bare, and where the avatar and Shard would begin to dance most directly around their foes, teaching them of history the gods kept silent and of the lives they could have had.   As of the 8th of Abadius 5627, the second day of the ball's celebration, no news of the wayward adventurers has yet escaped the palace's depths.  
The Princess's Dinner by Hanhula (in Wonderdraft)
Divine Queen of Shiar by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
Text, Newspaper
Authoring Date
By the Gods...
Talindë Ae'tharis, Champion of Seren
The Queen's Ballroom by Hanhula (with Wonderdraft)
Nothing goes right with these imbeciles. This is probably the worst of what's gone wrong so far.
Holy Princess Chandna by Hanhula (via Midjourney)

Cover image: Queen's speech cover by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


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