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Claire Therwel

Claire Therwel

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  Claire Therwel was an adventurer. She saved Aniks Alas'thil during his escape from the Underdark, nursed him back to health, and fell in love in the process. They eventually would go on to get married, and had Alain Therwel.   She was pregnant again with a child they thought they'd name Emily when a horrible illness swept through. Neither she nor Alain survived, leaving Aniks alone in the world once again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Clarie was a well built human, from the years spent adventuring in half plate. Even being able to casually flip her husband Aniks over her while sparring. What scars she has have faded over time and were often early in her adventuring career.

Body Features

Brown hair is often tossed up in a bun or complex braid, but keeps her bangs at a length to frame her face. She was rather tan than during her adventuring days, less so now as she is not under the sun as much as she used to.

Identifying Characteristics

Bright teal green eyes, and jade ear cuff she often wears on her right ear.

Apparel & Accessories

Greens, browns, and whites are common among her wardrobe. Anything from sundress to traveling Her armor has been painted with the heraldry of her goddess, and her blades are often the only real colors of Sarenrae she wears.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Claire was born to traveling merchants, Claire was raised as a merchant with the aspirations of becoming a hero. Often ‘borrowing’ from their families cloth and fabrics to wear capes like the adventurers who her parents often hired to protect their caravan. Much of her earlier life was spent traveling across Aletheia with her parents, never staying in a town or village for longer than a season or two. Learning both from the people that crossed her path, as well as her parents. Fed with stories as a child Claire had ambitions to become a hero, the child was gifted two wooden swords by one of the merchant guards the Therwel’s paid for. Claire had taken both swords eagerly and practiced daily.   It was many summers later before the Therwels had a tearful goodbye, now an adult Claire began her life as an adventurer. There were small jobs at first from guilds, and traveling with familiar merchants. One kidnapping, chase down the street, and eventually capture of a mage lead Claire to joining a group of sellswords that were impressed by her skills. Her excitement of finally joining a crew dulled the longer Claire stayed with the group. It hadn’t even been a year and she was trying to keep the party from killing every bounty they took. Working for more coin than the bounty was worth, and lying to people. She hadn’t left because she knew everybody could be redeemed. What forced her hand was a wandering drow on the surface. Claire did her best to show him any sort of compassion where her companions did not, learning his name, making sure he ate, and was decently covered to deal with the cold. Their treatment of him was so terrible, Aniks nearly died in the winter. Causing her to leave, taking their bounty with her.   Currently being a contradiction to all the stories she was told about dark elves as a child, Claire spent a few days nursing the Aniks back to health in the first inn she could find. It wasn’t friendship she stuck up with this drow over those days, a loose thread of thrust? That had been closer. Once he was fit enough to travel, Claire had found herself a traveling companion. The once closed off and secretive drow slowly opened up to her over the coming months as the two learned more of each other over the several small adventures they had. Then much to Claire’s surprise, she had gotten him to not just tease her, but outright flirt back. That relationship blossomed over time, talks of their future together were shared but that all seemed to come crashing down when Aniks took a fatal wound for Claire.   Having heard tell of a dragon plague in a nearby village Claire and by extension Aniks joined a few others to deal with the dragon. The small makeshift group entered the lair of the juvenile black dragon. One of the members of this party was slain, killed in the dragon’s acidic breath, but through the combined effort the dragon was slain. It was when the hoard was found that Aniks had noticed the betrayal first. Claire was shoved out of the way as the other two planned to take the gold for themselves. Her fury burned as bright as the sun as Aniks lay dead next to her. Their corpses lay with the many others this dragon had devoured. Hours blurred together felt like they stretched on for an eternity. Aniks was wrapped in a cloak, gems had been collected and Claire had made the mad dash to find a Cleric to bring back her partner.   It was only a day, but she had brought back Aniks. Scared that the dream of their future was almost stolen from them. Claire and Aniks took the hoard from the dragon’s lair and chose to step away from their life as adventurers. Claire was shocked when Aniks asked her to marry him, which led to a very tense conversation with her parents. Not pressed into the lifestyle of adventurers, the two visited many places they wished they spent more time in, Clarie attempted to teach Aniks to surf, they simply enjoyed their time together. It wasn’t long after Claire had told Aniks they would need a house soon, revealing to her husband she was pregnant. Settling down in a small village outside of Port Amarin, and not soon after had Alain Therwel. The two struggled with all the typical trials new parents have to tackle, but these few years with Aniks and Alain were truly the happiest she had ever been. In attempts to ease the village people, Claire suggested to Aniks getting a job, so the town’s people could not be uneasy around him. The two settled into a happy rhythm raising their son and watching him discover more of the world around him. Only a few years after bringing their son into the world, did Claire find out she would soon be having a daughter.   She would never get to meet Emily in this life. Before she was born, Claire and Alain fell ill during harsh winter. Aniks had eased their pain the best he could, but they soon passed on into the afterlife. No amount of medication or magic had cured them of the sickness, but Claire had passed in peace. Even from the beyond, Clarie watched her husband over the years heal. Every once in a while being able to set him straight if he was being stupid or encouraged to keep going.

Gender Identity



Claire’s schooling was simple, but she was a clever child who picked up on her family's business. Being raised on the road left many gaps in her knowledge that were only filled by leaving to be an adventurer. By no means was it perfect education, but it was passable and she could haggle like one’s business.

Mental Trauma

When Aniks shoved her out of the way and took a fatal wound to his shoulder. The frantic search for a Cleric for his revival left Claire extremely overprotective of the drow. This being a major factor for the reason for Claire and Aniks stepping away from the adventures lifestyle.

Personality Characteristics


Add in a healthy dose of the Sarenite religion, and a dash of bedtime stories about heroes and like many impressionable youths. Claire’s childhood set the foundations for what would motivate her older self. The human eventually chose to become an adventurer to do some good in the world. In Claire's first real group she traveled with nothing more than sellswords and bounty hunters, which led to her choice of leaving with their victims.

Likes & Dislikes

It goes without saying Claire still loves her husband even from the beyond. She loves her adorable children, Alain & Emily. Claire had always made it a point to visit the ocean, no matter what point of her life she was at. She had the same love for the ocean as she does the howling of the wind and the storms that accompanied them. Collecting stories from across Aletheia that she started passing down and reading to her son, and was planned on doing the same with her daughter.   Ironically she isn’t the biggest fan of Sarenrae's colors, despite her twin shortswords being heavily Sarenrae inspired. Given her relationship with Aniks and her children, she has zero tolerance for people around her to show prejudice to drow. Even going so far as to punch a drunk who was actively showing hatred to Aniks and Alain.


Religious Views

A firm believer in the Everlight, her husband always jokes she’ll be a paladin some day. The two even making plans after she had been accepted into a paladin order prior to Aniks' death. There was always a small altar in her parents' caravan to the Everlight, and once she settled down with Aniks. She built a small shrine to the Everlight inside her home, and trips were made weekly to the church in Port Amarin. Convincing her husband and child to go with her every once in a while.

Social Aptitude

Like her goddess, she was about as extroverted as the sun. Bright and cheery. While she isn’t as optimistic as she outwardly portrays people she is unfamiliar with, she does have a habit of knowing exactly what to get those around her to brighten up their point of view. Very few saw or heard Claire outside of that natural confidence she wields.

Hobbies & Pets

Given her background as a traveling merchant and then a soon to be adventurer. Claire had never been one for staying in one place so she’s had few pets, she’s had a few horses, but that’s about as far as her pets go. Claire's hobbies varied throughout her years growing up, she has fallen in love with the ocean having many happy memories tied to it. Having a small collection of interesting looking shells from when she was little, and has learned to surf as she got older. The latter hobby was picked up in earnest when she lived with Aniks in their house near Port Amarin. She always had an interest in stories, collecting any of them. Which only doubled down when she had her first child and had another person to tell them besides Aniks.


Claire has a clear northern Aletheian accent, and has a few languages under her belt. She speaks the common tongue well and as her family spent time traveling in the Serendel Forest, she learned elven, then later dwarven. Eventually learning Undercommon when meeting Aniks.


Aniks Aliforn


Towards Claire Therwel

Claire Therwel


Towards Aniks Aliforn

Wealth & Financial state

Claire was about as wealthy as an adventurer could be without becoming a local hero. She and her Husband had been living off the gold they acquired during their last adventure to slay a dragon. While not a giant horde of gold riches, as it was not an adult dragon. It was enough to live comfortably in a village outside Port Amarin.
5587 EA 5616 EA 29 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of an illness whilst pregnant.
Aniks Aliforn (spouse)
Teal Green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Claire has five languages under her belt. Growing up learning Common and Elven. Followed by Dwarves and Celestial covering a large chuck of the common languages of her country. She learned Undercommon while speaking those earlier years with Aniks.

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