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Alain Therwel

Alain Therwel

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  Alain Therwel was the firstborn son of Aniks Alas'thil and Claire Therwel. He died young from the same illness that took his mother, leaving Aniks alone.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alain being half-drow is naturally a skinny child. Despite the illness that took his life, Alain had seemingly an abundance of energy as most five year olds do.

Identifying Characteristics

Bright green teal eyes, slight pointed ears, messy snow white hair, very light purple skin.

Special abilities

Before his death, Alain showed he had inherited drow magic from his father, having cast Darkness twice.

Apparel & Accessories

Alain's clothes were always simple, but was gifted a deep green cloak heemed to keep it his size, but easy to increase in length as he grew.    For as long as Alain has been alive he’s had a stuffed black dragon with a plethora of names, it depended on what he felt like the dragon was called. His favorites include but weren’t limited to, Inky, Shadow, Onyx and Blackberry.

Specialized Equipment

His trusty sword, a wooden one he got for his fifth birthday, and a deep green cloak. Alain always has these two things when he's out on patrol around his house.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alain was born to Aniks and Claire Therwel shortly after the couple settled into their house in a village on the outskirts of Port Amarin. The young half-drow was raised on stories of his parents adventures and Aletheian fairy tales. Being an adventurer was his dream. While young, his parents were often protective of him. Shielding him from those who were not as hidden in their hatred of the drow, and by extension half-drow. Finding few friends in the village and Port Amarin, Alain grew to treasured the few he had. Even being teased by his mother about his ‘best’ friend, a village girl he clearly had a crush on.
  While his life was not long, his passing was raised by his father who took care of him till he passed.

Gender Identity



Aniks and Claire took the time to teach Alain common and the basics of writing and reading, but had picked up a few words in Undercommon from his parents' conversations.


Charged with guarding his house from the creatures of the forest! Alain walks around his house in the fields defending against dragons, evil fairies, ghouls and ghosts (Alain is self-employed, and has seen one fox which he scared off by waving a wooden sword.)

Accomplishments & Achievements

Being a powerful wizard! (Alain’s drow magic manifested in the form of an orb of darkness which he was extremely happy with. He spent nearly a whole weekend trying to replicate his powerful magic with limited results.)

Personality Characteristics


The stories of his parents being adventurers and the idealized fairy tales of heroes.

Likes & Dislikes

Dragons, of course, and being read to as he hadn’t quite begun to read yet. Alain loved having his mother and father read to him.   Hates peas, detests them. Same as his mothers.


Alain was a fairly clean child while in the house, however there have been plenty of times he’s been seen covered in dust and dirt from his adventures outside.
5611 EA 5616 EA 5 years old
Bright teal green.
Short white hair that is often messy due to constant adventures.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light purple.
3'1 feet.
Known Languages
Speaks common as well as any five year old can, but occasionally substitutes a word or two in undercommon.

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