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Aéras (I-ras)

Language of Avians & Elementals

A language that is spoken the least out of the Protarchikós dialects and is often associated with some species of ancient avian creatures that persist in the highest mountain ranges of the world. Speakers of this language are generally found among the Avian race, Air Elementals, and Dragons that make their homes in the high peaks of the world. The script is very distinct as each letter starts from a harsh cut, originally from Dwarves marking out letters in stone, and then branches out from the central or side mark of the letter.   The earliest appearance of this language is traced back to Dwarven explorers and Scholars that originally deciphered the language and created the script that is used for it today. The spoken component of the Aéras language is likely to be connected to Draconic or influenced by it as the Dragons were among some of the earliest creatures to rule the skies. However, the written component did not come about nor receive any attention until the Dwarf race proudly researched, cataloged, and circulated the runes that they created to express the language which earned it a place as a tongue worth studying by educated circles. Despite being aesthetically pleasing, the Aéras script falls low on the list of decorative languages as most cultures will opt to use their native language for decoration or default to Elvish or Draconic due to their artistic nature. The only areas that use this script in any decorative fashion are the kingdoms belonging to the Gem Dwarves, records kept jointly by the Kingdom of Gems and the Dwarven Kingdom state that the Gem Dwarves found this script to be incredibly beautiful and practical because it was easy to read by the use of touch alone.   The advantages of speaking this language are that it may grant you access to some more secluded tribes of the Avian race or change the mind of an ancient avian that has determined you to be a morsel of food. If you speak this language and fluently understand the spoken form then you may find yourself hearing words on the wind occasionally from the sounds that natural wind shares with the language. The script would be particularly useful for anyone that delves deep into the abandoned sections of the Kingdom of Gems for the purpose of exploring ruins and collecting history. If you speak this language in the presence of an Earth Elemental it inexplicably provokes it to rage despite how much you may insist on calming it but if you speak this language in the presence of a Fire Elemental it will become much friendlier and exhibit excitement in most cases but a Water Elemental will exhibit signs of confusion and become unpredictable.

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I like that it has different effects on the diffrent species of elemental.

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