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Pyr (Pire)

Language of Elementals

A language that is rarely spoken except by Elemental creatures or Dragons that have the ability to breathe fire, this language incorporates hisses and cracks into speech in ways that exhaust most creatures that attempt to learn it. Speakers of this language will be rare and usually have some ties to the Dwarven Kingdom or to a Dragon personally which leads many to believe that the spoken component of the Pyr language was influenced by Draconic. The script for Pyr was developed by the Dwarf race with special care to try and create a free-flowing script, it was made specifically for paper instead of stone carving which was considered odd and fickle at the time for Dwarves.   The earliest appearance of this language is often suggested to be the date that the Dwarf race discovered it but they are contradicted by historians of the Metallic Dragons because the language's spoken component has veered in and out of use with various members of their species throughout the ages. The script for Pyr is considered difficult to write correctly and time-consuming, bordering on pointless to attempt to carve into stone. The reason for this is that the script has a natural wave or shake to it, similar to the effect of open flames flickering but the seemingly random imperfections that plague every straight line in this script are actually purposeful and serve to indicate tone through writing. Because of this oddity, the written language is unpopular and often written off as a nuisance to attempt any textual translation because it is almost impossible to judge if the writer is skilled with the script, trying to convey a tone, or failing in some point of their execution. The script for this language has no numbers, which is unique for the Dwarven scripts and the reason for this is that the concept of numbers both written or spoken seems to irritate Fire Elementals to the point of violence and explosions in some cases. This language has a small presence in the world and is unlikely to show up in older written records let alone modern writing of any kind and it has no specific geographical ties to an area but rather to a specific set of creatures.   The advantages of speaking this language are few though very specific as fire breathing Dragons often create their slang terms from words found in the Pyr language, specific Demons or devils associated with fire may also use this as one of their preferred languages. If someone were to dedicate themselves and learn the written script of this language and its proper execution they would gain notoriety in some educated circles and jealousy in others that may lead to less favorable attention. Speaking this language in the presence of an Air Elemental will cause it to become aggressive and combative, speaking this language in the presence of a Water Elemental will cause it to become friendly and affectionate but speaking this language in the presence of an Earth Elemental will appear to confuse it and cause it to act unpredictably.

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Sep 25, 2021 22:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the detail that the concept of numbers irritates fire elementals. I'm sure that a lot of people can relate to that.

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