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Language of Elementals

This is a cryptic language that is the delight of Dwarven artisans and explorers that pursue the world in search of the strange creatures known as Elementals. Speakers of this language are generally Dwarves, Wizards, Rune Mages or Elementals themselves and a variety of spirits in strange places of the world have been known to speak this language without any indication as to why. The script for Protarchikós and its four dialects were created by Dwarves and it stands as a point of pride that their race was the first out of the Elder Races to encounter and fully catalog these strange creatures and their method of communication.   The earliest appearance of this language is unknown, Elementals themselves are believed to be among the most ancient creatures in the world as they are a halfway point between being part of the world and being an independent creature. While there is debate over the age of the language, the age of the script is solidly known and recorded by the Dwarves with no small degree of pride and accomplishment because they not only created the script for Protarchikós but they were able to decipher the root language of these creatures within a few decades. The script for Protarchikós was designed to be different from the known scripts of the world at the time and while it seemed impractical to some at the time the script was designed so that you could form an individual letter with one continuous motion of the hand. This language has a large presence as an academic study for spellcasters, explorers, and a sect of mapmakers that are interested in the vast underground network of tunnels and caverns that permeate the world due to the abundance of three types of Elementals in underground areas.   The advantages of speaking this language lie in the fact that four different species of Elementals to include Fire, Earth, Water, and Air all have a basic understanding of this language and can answer in it to some degree. While communication with an Elemental is inherently difficult there are recorded instances of accomplished speakers being able to persuade an Elemental to help them dig out of a cave-in and lead them closer towards the surface. The disadvantage of this language is that while it is a root language there are four different dialects that are spoken more commonly and the Protarchikós language will give you only a basic understanding of their speech and almost no understanding of their individual scripts.

Writing System

Protarchikós Language Letters by Fhokki Font by Pixel Sagas, Chart by RiverFang

Protarchikós Language Numbers by Fhokki Font by Pixel Sagas, Chart by RiverFang

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Sep 20, 2021 14:36 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the interaction with the dwares in that they created the script for it. I guess elementals have no need to write things down.

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