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Language of Elementals

A language that makes its way into most societies through the existence of Rune Mages and Wizards as they deal with the process of creating Golems, which are actually the spirits of Earth Elementals summoned into a body specifically for the purpose of animating it. Speakers of this language are sparse and usually will be Earth Elementals and the strange creatures that are made of minerals, often they live far under the earth or near active volcanoes. The script for Chóma was the first of the Protarchikós scripts developed by the Dwarves.   The earliest appearance of this language is noted by the date that the Dwarves encountered it when they came upon Earth Elementals in the caverns and tunnels of Isekai. Instead of seeking to route these creatures the Dwarves saw them as incredible beings that were made of rock, metal, and in some cases jewels and they took painstaking time to understand them when possible. It was this interaction that caused the Dwarf race to eventually learn the spoken component of the Chóma language and as part of that knowledge, they developed a script to express it that used to hold the name "Chisel and Spike" because of how they created the letters. Every letter in the Chóma script was initially created through the use of a skilled stoneworker using a chisel for the most part with a spike to give letters deep, definite ends and to create singular dots. This language had a large presence throughout the Dwarven Kingdom as it was circulated more than Common at one point in time but has fallen into disuse over the years.   The advantages of speaking this language lie with how likely your interaction with an Earth Elemental is, they have been known to be the most sensible of the Elementals and in general, creatures that are related to them seem capable of simple speech. If you are able to use the written component of this language you may find yourself able to discern a number of records and texts in the Dwarven Kingdom and Kingdom of Gems that have fallen to the wayside because of how Chóma has fallen out of mainstream knowledge as a language. Speaking this language in the presence of an Air Elemental typically incites them to sudden violence, while speaking this language to a Water Elemental will cause them to become affectionate and friendly but speaking this language in the presence of a Fire Elemental will cause them to exhibit a confused response and become unpredictable.

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Sep 25, 2021 22:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like that this language was widely used by the dwarves at one point. That makes a lot of sense.

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