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Language of Elementals

A language spoken widely under the waters that often finds its way up into the coastal towns in phrases or single words but under the waves of the sea this language is more widely circulated than Common is on the dry land. Speakers of this language range widely and include members from all the water-dwelling races, Krakens, Leviathan, and ancient beings that have survived the trials of the ocean and evaded the knowledge of surface dwellers. The script for Neró was developed by the Dwarves, the presentation of the script marked a meeting of early Dwarven Scholars with a society of Obsidea that were exploring deep-sea caves.   The earliest appearance of this language is generally tied back to the appearance of the races that thrive under the water but it has been argued that Water Elementals themselves came into contact with the Dwarf race long before any of the water-dwelling races claim their origin. Regardless of when the spoken component of the language is considered to fall into the history books, the written component was developed by the Dwarf race. The history records suggest that Obsidea were versed in the spoken component because they were some of the earliest explorers to range wide and far in the ocean, so they were able to eventually pick up on the language as it spread throughout the sea as a common dialect. Regardless, they did not have a script to unify this dialect and as part of their interaction to express goodwill the Dwarf race provided a written script as it aligned with their interests of cataloging the Protarchikós dialects and the Obsidean race provided maps and knowledge of the ocean floor as it related to areas that the Dwarves wished to mine and hollow out. This relationship is known to be strong to this day. This language has a strong presence throughout the ocean and serves to unite many different races as a common way of communication.   The advantages of speaking this language are tied directly with how much you intend to interact with the species that breathe and live underwater. The spoken component of the language allows you to sort out most situations even if minute details are missed through the speech and it may even amuse a Kraken long enough for you to think of a way to escape its vast clutches. The written component is often used in areas that are close to water in the Dwarven Kingdom and have circulated throughout the Káto as a way to mark that you are near the ocean or that you are straying into the lair of a great sea creature. When speaking this language it is noted that Fire Elementals will become incredibly aggressive despite your attempts to calm them, Earth Elementals will become talkative and usually exhibit friendly behavior while Air Elementals will appear to be confused and become unpredictable.

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