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Material Characteristics

The metal is a muted white in color

Physical & Chemical Properties

In its natural form, motril ore is a hard, rough metal. When refined the metal becomes lightweight and when combined with iron, steel, or any other metal to create an alloy, the metal retains its minimal weight while becoming incredibly durable. Interestingly, only fire seems to have any kind of effect on the metal as acid slides right off and neither direct lightning strikes nor exposure to extreme cold make it less durable. If submerged in water the ore is just heavy enough to sink but, assassins who have fallen into the water while wearing motril armor have reported experiencing no difficulties swimming and in fact, say that the armor seems to help them float.

Geology & Geography

Veins of the metal are found within the dead volcano on Kimiri. The existence of the metal is kept secret because of its usefulness but there is a great abundance of the metal. The Kimirian people use their reputation as being strange to spread a rumor that some are so devoted to their Moon Goddess, Lyvona, that they cover their steel in white paint as that's what the dull coloration makes it look like.

Origin & Source

The motril ore contains motril.

Life & Expiration

Refined motril curiously does not seem to experience rust like other metals do. Instead, motril remains as solid and firm as the day it was shaped into a blade or armor even while the best steel corrodes and turns into dust.

History & Usage


The motril ore that contains the metal was first found within the past five hundred years while the Temple of the Moon's tunnels were first being dug. As there had been a few mines already dug into the volcano, the people believe that the metal is a gift from Lyvona and her lover Zonir for being the only ones to resist the growing use of rune magic.

Everyday use

Motril is used in all weapon and armorsmithing on Kimiri. Most of the swords used by the assassins of the Temple of the Moon use swords made out of this metal and wear thin chainmail made out of it under their leather armor. Small amounts of unrefined motril are used in potions and poultices and seem to increase the user's mental aptitude.

Industrial Use

The ore must be smelted in order to get the metal ingots. When mixed with other metals such as iron or steel, motril makes a very strong but lightweight alloy.

Manufacturing & Products

Swords and armor that can be made out of iron or steel can be made from motril. Necklaces and rings are the only jewelry items made from it.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

There is a slag produced in the refinement of motril that looks identical to steel slag and is used for a number of uses in the creation of concrete used in the building of roads and homes as well as used as a fertilizer.

Reusability & Recycling

When melted down, the metal easily separates from whatever metal it was mixed with because of how lightweight it is, and can be reused to create objects from it or alloys made from it.


Trade & Market

Its a staple of Kimiri, though the people are careful to keep the existence of the metal a secret from those not native to the island.


When first mined, the ore is stored at the base of the volcano. From there, its transported to native blacksmiths who only pull the metal out to be worked on early in the morning or late in the evening.

Law & Regulation

Only native-born blacksmiths who have been smiths for at least two decades are allowed to work with this ore. Only the senior assassins in the Temple of the Moon are allowed to wield weapon and armor made from this metal.
Because the metal is a gift from the Divine Beings themselves, its considered to be priceless.
Common on Kimiri. Nonexistent everywhere else.
Smells like cold iron
Tastes like cold iron
Dull white
Boiling / Condensation Point
2946 °F
Melting / Freezing Point
​1651 °F
1.85 g/cm
Common State
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